Welcome to Marie’s Book Boutique!

Hello fellow readers,

A massive welcome to Marie’s book Boutique; where I will share review’s of book’s I have read. And anything relating to book’s and writing!!

I wanted my first post not only to be a welcome you all to my blog but to also to share with you why I love to read and what I get out of reading as an individual.

I think the reason that I love reading so much is, that it gives me the ability to shut off from the world and dive in to another. I love the paces reading takes me and feel I have travelled far and wide without even leaving my home or where ever I’m reading at that time. Emotion’s defiantly come in it for me to; being able to laugh or cry with a character so makes me feel apart of a book. I feel the more I read the more I learn in general whether it’s about a job role, culture or animals etc. ( there are many more; I could literally go on all day!!! hehehehe!!!! Reading has also really helped me with my spelling and such and given me a wider knowledge of words, and lets not forget the calming effect it has on one!

If you was to talk to anyone of my friends and there children they would undoubtedly say I’m always trying to encourage people to read. Do you know that if you read for 1 hour or more it’s supposed to extend your life!Waw what if you read more than that? Does that mean I’m gonna get really old?!?! No don’t answer that guy’s!!!!!!!!

Welcome once again and I really hope you enjoy reading my blog!


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