My reading journey and honesty!

Hay my lovely’s! I really want to be completely honest with you all. (but before I do, I just wanna say this is not in any way me pulling a sympathy card. I just wanna share my reading journey and if there is someone reading this and is or are felling the same and wishes to have a chat with me about my experience or seeks other help and advice, then I’ve helped someone!)

As I mentioned in my ‘About me’ page, books have always been around me. but as a child I became frustrated with reading, writing, spelling etc. When I moved on to high school I still struggled and seemed to have slipped through. I managed to somehow get through that without knowing what the problem was. I really wanted to be able to pick up a book but I just could work out why I found it all so daunting and to be honest guy I just thought I was stupid. Nobody should have to feel like that but that’s truly how I felt.

Then when I was in my early 20’s I decided to go back to studying , one of my friends was also studying (a different subject to me) at the same time and we had study days together. She must have picked up on a few things while we were studying because she thought I could be dyslexic. I decided to look in to this because I think she may have hit the nail on the head so to speek.So I had an assessment done, to find out my friend was very much right I have dyslexia. This explained why I struggled all through school and made me not feel so stupid and thick! The assessor gave lots of information and ideas on equipment that might help me! and that a lot of it was trial and error to see what worked best for me, as we are all different.

After my assessment my friend (Who is a reader herself) suggested that reading regularly  would really help my actual reading in general, spelling etc. Now at this stage guy’s, I really loved books already it’s just that I would get frustrated and book also seemed to scared me A) because all the words on the page seemed to seem jumbled up; making reading quit hard. And B) the amount of pages a book had seemed unbelievably daunting prospect. I would be thinking things like ” I’m never going to be able to get through all that.” or ” what if I can’t read a word.” Any way my friend must have seen my love of books in me because she loaned me a few books to start me off. She did however reiterate to me that it didn’t matter how long it took to read a book, and to just take my time. She also gave me at dictionary; to use when I didn’t understand a word and a postcard (seen in picture above); to use as reading guide to break the page up. Let me tell ya that postcard and dictionary were my savour and really helped. Oh and on the spelling front thank goodness for spell checker!!!!!

What I’ trying to express is that being dyslexic, shouldn’t stop you from picking up a book, comic or what ever reading matter you choose because you are capable! It does get easer to live with and understand but I found it was very much adapting your reading like with a postcard or there are a variety of coloured overlays you can buy. (Please note that not all coloured overlays will saute you so it’s defiantly worth trying them out. I did try them out but they weren’t right for me. I really found theses websites useful:

I think its pretty safe to say that even though I struggled and still do, I think I understand myself better if that makes sence. I love reading and all that it has done for me! If it takes me  a little longer to read then it just doesn’t matter. I really don’t think I could ever stop!!!

So go on my lovely’s pick up that book or whatever you choose and show your dyslexia who’s boss!!!!

10 thoughts on “My reading journey and honesty!

  1. I’m so proud of Marie! I have watched her journey and seen the joy of her escaping to bookland! I know the enjoyment and have read from young,so seeing it in her reflected a lot of joy I felt growing up. She will never give them up now, I know how important they have become in her world! Joy x

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  2. Thanks for sharing with us Marie! My mother suffers from dyslexia and I have seen first hand how frustrating it can be. You can be so proud of yourself for not giving up on your love for books 🙂

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