World Book Day! And My Favourite Childhood Book

Happy World Book Day 2017 guy’s!

World Book Day is truly wonderful celebration of great authors, beautiful illustrators and of course to celebrate the epic thing that is a book of course!!! Children from all over the world will be going to school dressed up in their favourite book characters.

I read today that World Book Day has been going now for 20 years! Waw that’s amazing! I think this is such a wonderful idea because it installs reading into children’s life’s which will hopefully carry on thought out there life’s. Also it teaches them to appreciate the illustrators and authors work. All these things can only be good things in my eye’s.

This celebration was sadly not around when, I was a child, and I’m certain that I would have loved it. There were many books at home but my all time favourite children’s book has to be The Little Red Hen by Margot Zemach. This was my go to book at home, I just adored it. The book in the picture is not my original book, my mum has it! It’s a little bit worse for wear and has been stuck together with tape, so you can tell it was a much treasured book!


A little bit about the book

The Little Red Hen is about a hen that finds some grains of wheat while out for a walk with her friends; goose, cat and pig. Little red hen asks her friends if they will help plant the wheat grains; they all decline; so she plants them herself.

The story goes on like this through the proses until the bread is ready to eat. Red hen ask’s her friends if they wanted to eat the freshly baked bread; to which they all replied the really did. little hen said that they couldnt have any because they never helped her when she asked and that she would eat all the bread.

Just a few of my thoughts

I always took away from this book that it’s a kind to be helpful where you can, not to nesserly to receive in return but to do an act of kindness, and lets face it kindness doesn’t cost a penny!!!

So come on guy’s whats you favourite childhood book? I would love to hear what they are!!










3 thoughts on “World Book Day! And My Favourite Childhood Book

  1. Lovely post, Marie! I have fond memories of Enid Blyton books – Two that thrilled me at the time were The Wishing Chair and another was the Faraway Tree. A favourite I had to read over and over to my two daughters when they were little is Huggly Gets Dressed – it’s such a fun story! I’ve kept the book in case there are grandchildren to read to! x

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    1. Thank you Hemmie for sharing your favourite childhood books and I love hearing your daughters book too and it’s such a sweet thing to do to keep the book for possible grandchildren! A very nice idea! I also want to take this time to say another thank you for your continue support on my blog! Xx

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