It’s National Stationery week (UK) and World Stationery Day on the 26th

Good afternoon Guy’s, and happy Stationery week to everyone in the UK, but have no fear the rest of the world because on Wednesday 26th its World Stationery Day!

If your anything like me, you’ll just adore all stationery!!!! As an aspiring writer and a newbie blogger ( now coming into my 5th month) I love nothing better than to write by hand, now don’t get me wrong I still use technology for blogging, emails etc but its not what I turn to first, always the trusty pen and paper!! Always!!!!

This is a week long celebration of all things stationery and the importance of keeping handwriting alive, for all age groups because ‘Writing Matters’  and I couldn’t agree with National Stationery Week more. With all the distractions of modern technology the old pen and paper can very easily be left on the way side, as a stationery lover myself I find this to be the sad truth!

Writing can do so much… it’s so creative and will develop you imagination whether you creating a poem, novel or writing a short story or whatever it may be! I love nothing better that receiving a hand written letter, it so much more personal than typing it up! I have a pen friend and we have been writing by hand for about 17 years now and I love reading her letters and I enjoy writing back to her!

National Stationery week commissioned YouGove to research the importance of writing by hand. Here’s what they found out:

*94% of adults think that writing by hand is important.

*97% think it’s important for children to be taught to write.

*91% of children aged between 8 and 15 think it’s important to be able to write by hand,

*86% of business managers expect candidates for jobs to be able to write by hand as well as having computer skills.

I also read on the National Stationery Week website that Finland and piece’s of the united states of America are slowly letting the art of handwriting go, in favour of technology. I find this extremely sad that this would even happen; I mean I’m all up for moving with the times, but I don’t think I could ever stop handwriting (well until my hand doesn’t allow me anymore!) I can be writing notes for a book review, plotting out a story or writing a letter which will be done by hand.

This week is also about supporting stationery retailers!!! I must say I just adore Paperchase, they always have a wide and beautiful range of stationery. There note books are quite literally the most prettiest I’ve seen!!!! There are many retailers out on the high street so let’s support them!!!!

National Stationery Week are doing a 7 days of stationery; where you share your photos on social media.

Monday 24th- Pen and Pencil Day (remember to add #PenAndPencilDay with you photo)

Tuesday 25th- Get Crafty #GetCrafty

Wednesday 26th- World Stationery Day #WorldStationeryDay

Thursday 27th- Thank you Thursday #ThankYouThursday

Friday 28th- Fountain Pen Friday #FountainPenFriday

Saturday 29th- Signature Saturday #SignatureSaturday

Sunday 30th- Write a letter Sunday #WriteALetterSunday

I’m going to give it a go, I will try to do everyday if I can.

So here’s Mondays #PenAndPencilDay


I’m planning 7 days of stationery (but as you can see I have left it blank for the photos so as not to let on what’s coming up!!!!!!) using pencil and I write my blog post in pen! I will be using Twitter- @bookboutiqueM and Instagram- mariesbookboutique to upload my photos. Then on Sunday I will do a roundup of my stationery week!!!!



There are so many other things on their website for example support and ideas for parents to encourage handwriting and much more it’s worth checking out!

Twitter- @NatStatWeek

Instagram- natstatweek

Facebook- National Stationery Week

Pinterest- National Stationery Week

So come on guy’s lets put pen to paper and get writing and not letting our individual craft go and to keep handwriting very much alive!!!!!

If you have any comments and thoughts I would very much like to hear them!

Have a great week guy’s!!!!







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