7 Days Of Stationery


Afternoon my lovely’s! As you know I have been getting involved with National Stationery Week by taking part in 7 Days Of Stationery, sharing my photo’s on Twitter and Instagram. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed myself; seeing other people’s photo’s of their favourite stationery and also I came across a few note books that I forgot I had Oops!!!!

Here’s what I got up to for 7 Days Of Stationery

On Monday was Pen and Pencil Day so I used pencil to plan my 7 Days of Stationery ( I like to do this in case I need to make changes at any point) Then I used Pen to write Mondays blog post.





Tuesday was Get Crafty. I make a book marker out of ribbon, rescued wooden beads from a broken necklace and a old scarf clip. Then I did a spot of colouring in my Can’t sleep colouring book.



Wednesday was of course World Stationery Day! I had a dig around in my stationery and picked out my most favourite bit’s I have ( and for a stationery addict that was very hard!!!!!)



Thursday was Thank-You Thursday. My thank you goes to my grandma because, she is always there for me and sometimes I think we forget to say thank you to the people who are dear to us, and lets face it, it is kinda nice to hear your appreciated.  I chose from a collection of blank note cards I had brought for me as a Christmas and decided the on the one that I knew would be just right for her!



Friday was Fountain Pen Friday. I used my fountain pen to write this post ready for me to write and post up today. I don’t very often use my fountain pen, but since using it on Friday I’ve re-found my love of using the fountain pen.




Saturday was Signature Saturday. I wrote a note and posted on Twitter and Instagram and singed my name!



And last but not least Sunday is Write A Letter Day. As luck would have it I received a letter in the week from my very good friend in Greece; so I will be replying to her today! We have been writing letters to each other now for around 17 years. We have never met in person but we are very good friends. I have added also so of the pretty writing paper I have. ( and as you can see the mighty fountain pen is there!!!)


What a week of stationery it has been!!!!! I’ve adored every day of it and I hope you all have too.

I think it would be really quite sad if hand writing was slowly fading away because as National Stationery Week say ‘ Writing Matters’ and I couldn’t agree more! Writing is so important to me as a blogger and aspiring writer and  will only stop when my hand says  ‘ no more’.

Lets not lose our individual writing craft and keep it very much alive for all age groups!!!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my photo’s of my stationery week as I have taking part!!!

Enjoy you Sunday guy’s!





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