Review on Creature Comforts By Trisha Ashley


About the Author (As seen in the book)

trish AshleyTrisha Ashley was born in St Helens,Lancashire, and gave up her fascinating but time- consuming hobbies of house-moving and divorce a few years ago in order to settle in North Wales. She is a Sunday Times bestselling author.

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Genre: Romance/Contemporary Fiction

Publication Date: 18th June 2015

Publisher: Avon

ISBN: (paperback) 978-1-84756-279-1

(ebook) 978-0008102258

Pages: 416 pages

Copy Provided By: brought

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Is there such a thing as ‘ happy-ever-after?’

After causing a terrible accident, Lizzy Dane’s life has lurched from one disaster to another. The final straw is when she relises that she and her fiancé Kieran want completely different things in life.

Swearing off men, she returns home to the cosy village of Halfhidden, to stay with her eccentric aunt Debo and her motley bunch of canine friends.

But it turns out that Halfhidden is full of surprises- and one very dishy newcomer who makes Lizzy’s quest for answers rather more complicated than she could ever have anticipated.

My Review

Firstly the cover for Creature Comforts has truly incapsilated the essence of a summer country life. The sean lade out before you on the front cover is something of pure beauty; with the county house standing proudly in the centre with trees all around. I loved the fact that the church steeply is poking out from the trees. There is a lady being pulled along by a bounding dog on perfect green grass. The authors name is coloured  red shimmery making it stand out. The title of the book is a pale blue, carrying on the summery feel.

I am a massive fan of Trisha’s books and this one didn’t disappoint. It has everything you want in a romance novel. The main heroine Izzy finds her self with a man that really isn’t for her and finishes the relationship. She come’s back home to her aunt Debo; who runs a dog rescue centre from her home and is hem- ageing  money quickly and is a model. Izzy you can tell that she is a caring sole because she offers to take a look at things and see if she can help with some of the finance. Also by all accounts you can tell she is troubled by the car accident that happened all those years ago, and Izzy is determined to find out the truth about what really happened; because things just didn’t add up. This gave a bit of mystery to the story, because as she goes a asks all who was there and involved you the reader see’s that certain people didn’t tell the truth about it. She is starting up her own online cloth’s range, so you can see with all this going o the character shows that she is a determent and now focused on sorting her life out.

The home in which Izzy and Debo live is owned by Debo’s lover Baz unfaulty passed away leaving his long loosed son to take over. Izzy doesn’t think much of the new man in the village; Rufus. Izzy has two best friends Cameron and Lulu who help her on her mission to find out what really happened and are supportive in every way. I think there just glad to have her back.

Rufus only inherits all of what her has because his mother let another man bring him up. So as you can expect her is a bit prickly a first. His mother see’s this as her way to move into Rufus life and property. Dose her realise that’s his mother is using him? Dose Izzy find out what really happened in that accident all them years ago? will Izzy find love in this quiet village?

Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley is really great and summery read that will have you turning the page in order to find out more about these amazingly eclectic characters’. This book left me with a warm glow, like the satisfied feeling you might get from a bar of chocolate. It’s packed full of blossoming romance, woofing dog’s and a couple unsavoury characters to boot. I couldn’t recommend this book enough what a pleasure it was to read and I’m sure you guy’s will too.

Marie’s book boutique is giving Creature Comforts a lovely 5 sparkly stars!!




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