Review on Spell Caster by Leah Hamrick


About the author (as seen on Amazon)


Leah Hamrick lives I Michigan with her partner in crime husband Jon, young daughter Khloey and plethora of reptiles, fish and a tree frog named Sticky. She can always be found with her nose in a YA book, day dreaming and thinking up new ideas for a story, and trying to figure out how to make a characters chemistry clash with one another’s. She is a fan of romance, and anything paranormal. She gets the inspiration for her stories from things that have happened in her real life- except the paranormal/fantasy aspect… She wishes she were that awesome! She enjoys listening to heavy metal music, traveling, watching bad reality TV, and everything pink. She hopes that one day she can become as well known author, and to keep writing stories for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

Twitter: @kookycharacters

Publication Date: 2 April 2017

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

ISBN (paperback) 978-1625265630

Also available in eBook format.

Pages: 99 pages

Genre: YA Romance/Paranormal

Format: eBook

Copy provided by: Author

Blurb (as seen on Amazon)

Three paranormal short stories. One sweet, one dark, one fun. which one will be your favourite?

Love Caster: There is nothing greater than pure, sweet love, and that’s something Anna Bowden knows all about. While trying to get the courage to kiss her boyfriend Killian, she has to deal with her overbearing dad, who will stop at nothing to hear them apart.

In the Darkness: After Anna Bowden witnesses someone or something lurking in her backyard, it starts a chain of frightening events that lead to a gruesome discovery.

First Holiday: featuring the characters from Frost On My Pillow be prepared for a sweet, fun, wild ride. While Ethan gives Lyla- who has never celebrated Christmas before the task of finding out the true meaning of the holiday, her surreptitiously tries to tell her how he really feels, but before that can occur, a lot of decorating and snowball fights has to happen!

My Review

Before I start my review I would like to thank Leah, for getting in touch with me asking me to review Spell Caster and providing me with a copy. I was delighted she asked me to review on Marie’s Book Boutique.

I really like the front cover of this book. The dark background; with bushes and vegetation all around. A young lady wearing a red hooded cloak carrying a lantern,  really gives it an airy, and mystical appeal.

I really enjoyed these three short stories; they have fast pace which I think very much adds to the mystery feel and anticipation into the stories. The first story is such a sweet story( and defo one of my favourites) and the second one gets darker and is tied together with the first. The third story was just as good as the first and is another of my favourites. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the second story because I did, just not as much as the other’s; maybe because I’m a sucker for a romance!!!

These three short stories are a great quick read full of mystery romance and paranormal activity!

Marie’s Book Boutique gives Spell Caster by Leah Hamrick 4 sparkly stars!!!!!

4 stars













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