Review on I Left My Tent In San Francisco by Emma Kennedy


About the author


emma kennedy


Emma Kennedy was born in Northamptonshire. She’s an actress, writer and television presenter. Emma has made appetences in Jonathan Creek and Goodness Gracious Me to mane but a few. She has presented on Channel 4 the Real Holiday Show. Kennedy has written a superb 9 books; The Tent The Bucket And Me and numerous children’s books; Wilma Tenderfoot and the case of the Rascal’s Revenge and Wilma Tenderfoot and the case of the Fatal Phantom to name a couple. Emma took part in Celebrity Master Chef in 2012 and winning.



Twitter: @EmmaKennedy

Publication date: 5th May 2011

Publisher: Ebury Press

ISBN: paperback 9780091935955

Pages: 311 pages

Genre: Biography/ Travel writing

Format: Paperback

Copy provided by: Borrowed


It’s 1989 and Emma and her best friend Dee head to the USA to make their fortune. But completely inept and virtually unemployable, they discover that they can’t even get a job in McDonald’s.

Forced to travel from California to New York with only pennies in their pockets, they bounce from scrape to scrape, surviving on their wits and the kindness of strangers. Bad luck and misfortune throw everything their way- snakes, earthquakes, black magic and incontinent dogs. They even get kidnapped by s sex- crazed midget in a Ferrari.

My Review

When I was leant this book by a very dear friend and saw the front cover of the book I immediately thought what a friendly feel it had; by including a personal photo from Emma’s trip seems really appropriate because after all it’ s about her and her best friend’s journey. The blue of the title ties in with Emma’s sleeping bag.

At the beginning of the book Emma tell the reader how she met her best friend and to be traveling buddy Dee at University and how the trip; to the USA comes about after they finish Uni. Emma is an only child and quit rightly so her parents had reservations as the family was known for being very good travellers at all!!! The come round and support her and Dee on their decision. While Emma is away her parent’s also decide to go traveling in Europe; so Emma didn’t have a safety net of her parents being at home in case she needed them. Emma was shocked but they managed to keep in contact with each other along the way.

I truly adored Emma and Dee’s relationship and how very different people they were but at the same time they just worked. Pooling their money together to get through their trip on a shoe string and finding work where they could to get by. They looked after and out for one another the way best friend’s should and I will say this they certainly gave me lots of laughs.

Along Kennedy’s trip her and Dee meet some real characters, some we’re truly lovely and some really not so lovely and I suppose that’s just part and parcel of traveling. This book will have you laughing, wincing and gripped. Did Emma and Dee have enough money to get back to New York?

I really appreciate Emma’s honesty through out this book, and what a journey they had!! I really recommend this book and actually it make a nice change from my normal reads; its packed full of adventure and experiences that kept me turning the pages. I will defiantly be looking out for more of Emma’s books in the future.

Marie’s Book Boutique gives I Left My Tent In San Francisco 5 sparkly stars!!!!!









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