Review On A Life Without Living (Book1) by SC Alban


About the author ( as seen on Amazon)

s.c Alban

SC Alban was born and raised in Northern California. After graduating from San Francisco Universaty, where she majored in English Literature, SC Alban travelled for a year. She ultimately moved back to Northern California to attend graduation school.

Much of SC’s inspiration is found in the natural beauty of Northern California where she currenty resides with her family, three cats, and three terribly lazy dogs. She enjoys music, gardening, dancing and hiking and considers herself to be pretty darn lucky to live in such a beautiful place.


Twitter: @muchasfloras

Publication date: 5th December 2014

Publishers: Solstice Shadows

ISBN: paperback 978-1625261540

Pages: 383 pages

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal

Format: eBook

Copy provided by: author


Kate Martins appears to have it all, a good career, a beautiful home, and an amazing husband. What more could a woman ask for? But when Kate’s recurring nightmares begin to cross over into her waking hours, she discovers that her perfect life is not at all what it seems. It isn’t until she meets a mysterious stranger that Kate begins to truly question who she is and where she comes from.

My Review

A life without living

Firstly and most importantly I would like to thank SC Alban for approaching me and providing me with a copy of A Life Without Living to read and review.

As always I’m going to start with the cover! This cover is very striking, dark, with the lady with hair on her face; being in a wood and the big crows provide a dark effect! I think this provides a bit of intrigue into the book.

A Life Without Living which is book one in The Strega Series. The reader is introduced to Kate who has it all the home, husband Alex and job; however she has these recurring nightmares. She knows they are important and mean something but she has no idea what. Then there’s Gio who has lived for many years; 467 years to be precise. He is searching for a woman he fell in love with all those years ago, this is where the mystical part comes in because when he met Katarina she could not marry anyone out of their group; who were travellers. So Gio comes face to face with the man she is supposed to marry and he sends this punishment for falling in love with her, to keep them apart, and will live forever. He will keep them apart because the only way to stop this is for Gio to find her and for  their souls to join together. Gio try’s year after year but fails coming closer every time, he has a friend who helps him called Willam and I really liked this chap he was a nice character.

Although this book very much has a romance element to it it’s also about loss too. I thought the romance was heart reaching because as the reader I wanted them to find each other, but do they? This is a book that is a bit different to what I normally read ( I always like to start with an open mind, and will give it a go.) When I started to read I really absorbed into the story. The characters were individual and captivating by the passionate love story.

If you enjoy Fantasy and romance you will surly enjoy this story.

Marie’s Book Boutique gives A Life Without Living by SC Alban 4 sparkly stars

4 stars










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