Review on The Turtle Run By Marie Evelyn


About the author’s (as seen on Facebook page)

Marie- The turtle Run

Marie Evelyn is the pen name of mother- daughter writing partnership of Marie Gameson and Margot Gameson nee Evelyn.

Margot Gameson was born in St Kitts in 1933 and worked as a journalist in Trinidad before moving to Barbados with her family in 1969. She witnessed many changes in the history of the island, including the tail end of colonialism, when any significant event ( from a royal visit to the arrival by boat of the Governor’s plumed hat.) would merit firing the cannons, which would have all the stray dogs in the vicinity howling. Her interest in the Redlegs partly came about through family connections and also by witnessing a scene in Barbados ( described in the book) of coming across barefooted, flaxen-haired children struggling to carry buckets from a standpipe.

Her elder daughter. Marie Gameson, was born in Trinidad in 1963 and spent a happy childhood in Barbados, largely making dens in sugarcane fields and writing stories about children lost in sugarcane fields. The family moved to the UK in 1974.

Facebook: Marie Evelyn

Twitter: @marieevelyn1685

Publication Date: 14 January 2016 (ebook) Paperback 14 December 2015

Publisher: Accent Press

ISBN: (paperback) 978-1783753277

Pages: 244 Pages

Genre: Romance/ Historical

Copy provided by: author

Blurb ( as seen on Amazon)

She went in search of history and found her own future. Becky has lost her job and her direction in life so is thrilled when she gets the chance to research British rebel history I Barbados.

But the Caribbean paradise isn’t all that it seems. The old plantation house is beautiful but lonely, and the locals are unfriendly. As her research becomes an obsession, one of the rebel descendants, who still works the same land as his ancestors, begins to get a hold on her mind.

Is she living in a fantasy, or is this really an island of long memories? She soon finds that she is not the only on being led by the past…

My Review

51p30U0ygTL turtle run book cover

Before I start my review I would just like to say a huge thank you to the author’s Margot Gameson and Marie Gameson; for accepting my cheeky little request to read and provide and honest review on The Turtle Run on my blog, and providing me with a copy.

The book cover as you can see is so charming; with the pale green backing, which I feel really helps the plantation house stand out. I adore the cheerful lashes flowers and foliage which provides a delicate and romantic feel to it. The gold of the author’s name and the purple/pink of the title really accompany each other. All in all I find it to be very alluring and is defiantly a cover I want to just jump into.

The Turtle Run by Marie Evelyn is packed full of mystery, drama, history, culture and romance on every single page; which makes for a totally in-put downable book.

We meet poor Becky; a journalist in Essex as she looses her job; but she soon get an offer of an amazing new job in the stunning Barbados. The job offer comes from the elderly Bajan lady Clara. Clara wants Becky to research and help write a book on the ‘ Redlegs’ of the men who were defeated in the Monmouth rebellion in 1685. This on all accounts I really found fascinating to read as I had no idea of this. Becky has a connection to Barbados herself; with her father who left her, her mother and her brother to live there. Becky’s mother has given her and her brother very little about the whole thing. It goes without saying her mother isn’t that keen for her to go, but her brother feels differently about it and she even finds her brother interested in the ‘Redlegs’. Becky and her brother thinks this could be good chance to find out more and help them both find some closure.

Mathew; Clara’s son and Becky’s relationship is one of miss judged and grows into something special when they get to know each other properly. It’s not without its rocky patches! I really enjoyed their spark they had together giving the chance for the reader to spot this before the characters realise!

I really enjoyed the way the story was intelligently crafted, providing twists and turns as the story goes on. The author’s description of Barbados which was wonderful and evocative, making me feel like I was their in the paradise that is Barbados; which on all accounts makes for a great summer read. I found all the characters to be just as engaging as each other which again gives the reader a connection while they read.

So I think you guessed by know that I’m going to highly, highly recommend this perfectly crafted story which will surly having you turning those pages.

Marie’s Book Boutique gives The Turtle Run By Marie Evelyn a wonderful 5 sparkly stars!!!!!!





















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