Digital or Paper Diary


Good Afternoon guy’s,

So today I’m doing something different from my usual reviews, I’m talking diary’s. It’s that time of year where your thinking about the next, and if your anything like me; wanting to be organised! This diary will be for my blog, and wanted to give it some thought. But here was my fist dilemma because; do I embrace the digital age and keep a diary that way or do I keep to the old-fashioned paper one?!

So Here’s What I’m Thinking About Having A Digital Diary

*Changing and updating dates would be easy and hassle free!

*If I was to use my phone diary, then there’s no fear of me forgetting it because it’s always with me.

*I could be really unlucky and lose reliability of my phone, losing all my dates etc. (Which would be really annoying!)

*I could always use my computer, but I don’t take it out with me; meaning I couldn’t update till I got home. ( and knowing me would forget to do.

*My contacts are all in one place!

My Thought’s About Having A Paper Diary

*I could and most possibly miss place! Therefor not having it with me all the time; making update’s impossible!

*If I write dates down in pen and then have to change them round. The page would not only look messy, it would fill up. So pencil and rubber it would be!

*Paper diary’s tend to be prettier than digital version! And there is such a vast range out on the market, so you bound to find something for you!

*As with the digital version contacts are all in one place!

Which way should I go?

Well guy’s I can certainly confirm that, I dithered a lot between the two versions. But plumped for the good old-fashioned paper diary! (It must be the writer in me, or the fact that I love stationary!!!!!)

My Thought’s On My Chosen 2018 Diary

And here she is!!!

cover of diary





I decided to have a look to see what one of my favourite ever stationery shop;  Paperchase had to offer. And boy did they have a selection to choose from, I was really spoiled for choice!

This little beauty was just calling out to me and look’s nice and cheerful. I just had to have it for my blog!






Features and Benefits this diary has!

*OMG how pretty is this?! I adore the pale green colour and the lovely fluttering butterfly’s surrounding 2018. Then when you turn over to the back, there’s a single butterfly with the Paperchase logo. I love the silky ribbon which can be used to keep your page each day.

cover of diary

*The first page is designated for your personal data. ( sorry about the stickers, I had started filling it out!!!!)

personal data

*Pages for a whole year’s dates for 2017, 2018 and 2019 plus a yearly planner! This is good for those occasions where you just need a quick glance.


*Each day has a designated page apart from Saturday and Sunday which are smaller. Which allows you to plan out your day! This is particularly important for me when panning reviews and booking in blog tours etc.


*Pages with UK Holidays, other important dates, religious festivals and International dates. ( which is super handy for planning blog post’s!)


*At the back of the diary there’s a yearly planner for 2019, world times, conversion factors and international dialling code’s.

*And last but not least it’s got space to put names, addresses and email’s ( Which to me this is handy to keep all my contacts in one place instead of on bits of paper)

name and addresses


This beautiful diary was £10, which I think is reasonable. (I do just want to add at this point that I’m not in any way getting paid for doing this post they are just my thoughts.)

So will you be having a digital diary or will you be like me and have a paper one?

I would love to hear what you think! So please do get in touch!!


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