My Top 10 Front Covers Of 2017!

to 10 2017Hi there lovely bookish folk,

Today I would like to share with you my most favourite 10 book cover’s of books I’ve reviewed this year! (If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post I talk about my top 10 reads of 2017! which you can check out Here)

As you all know I’m a sucker for a gorgeous and eye-catching book cover! (I go on about them a lot!!!!) For me personally it’s the first thing that caches my eye in a bookshop or when looking online; which leads me to then reading the blurb. (that is unless I already have a specific book in mind!)  The front cover is the first thing a reader see’s and has some impact on whether the reader pick’s it up or not.(unless they are looking for a particular author or book) Of course it’s not the sole reason for a reader choosing said book, but I think it’s defiantly part and parcel in choosing a book.

Now the front cover’s I’ve chosen are because they really caught my eye and practically want to jump in to the picture in front of me. It took me age’s to whittle it down to 10, but few I did it! So without further a due, let the my top 10 front covers commence…    (please note they are in no particular order)

1.A Place For Us by Harriet Evans (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

The house has soft, purple wisteria twining around the door.
You step inside.
The hall is cool after the hot summer’s day. The welcome is kind, and always warm.
Yet something makes you suspect life here can’t be as perfect as it seems. After all, the brightest smile can hide the darkest secret.
But wouldn’t you pay any price to have a glorious place like this?
Welcome to Winterfold.
Martha Winter’s Family is finally coming home.

2.Letters to Eloise by Emily Williams (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb ( as seen on Amazon)
When post-graduate student Flora falls unexpectedly pregnant during her final year studies she hits a huge predicament; continue a recent affair with her handsome but mysterious lecture who dazzles her with love letters taken from the ancient tale of ‘Abelard and Heloise’, chase after the past with her estranged first love?
But will either man be there to support her during the turmoil ahead?
‘Banish me, therefore, forever from your heart’, Abelard to Heloise.
Letters to Eloise is the heart-wrenching debut epistolary novel by Emily Williams; a love story of misunderstandings, loss and betrayal but ultimately the incredible bond between mother and child.

3.The Big Little Wedding in Carlton Square by Lilly Bartlett- Pen name for Michele Gorman (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on Amazon)
When Emma’s boyfriend Daniel pops the question with a ring the size of a small country, she suddenly realises just how different they are. She’s the EastEnders to his Made in Chelsea. She wants a low-key wedding with close friends and family in Uncle Colin’s pub while Daniel’s mother is expecting a society do that their high- brow guests won’t forget!
How on earth can Emma put together a celebration fit for Lords and Ladies on a shoestring budget? Not to mention the fact her cross-dressing Uncle Barbara wants to be a bridesmaid, her best mate Kelly can’t stand Daniel’s best friend Cressida, and her dad is too proud to accept any help from Daniel’s family towards the costs. There’s three months to go until the big day. Will Emma’s happy-ever-after end in disaster?

4.Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage by Milly Johnson (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on back cover)
New beginnings, old secret’s, and a place to call home…
Viv arrives at Wildflower Cottage, a tumbledown animal sanctuary, for the summer. Her job is to help with the admin, but the truth is she is here for something much closer to her heart…
Geraldine runs to Wildflower Cottage sanctuary. She escapes from her past to find happiness here, but now her history at bay and her future safe?
Back home, Viv’s mother Stel thinks she might have found a man who will treat her right for once. Ian is kind considerate, and clearly head over heels for her. That’s what she wanted all along isn’t it…

5.The French Gardner by Santa Montefiore (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on the back of the book)
Nestled deep in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful gardens, Hartington House was meant to be the perfect escape.
Instead, Miranda Claybourne is bored and lonely. She misses the glamour and excitement of her old life, and her husband David treats the house like a weekend retreat.
Then fate brings Jean-Paul to her door. Charming and enigmatic; the Frenchman offers to bring the neglected gardens back to life.
And soon Miranda discovers there are secrets hidden in the grounds of Hartington House that will transform her life; secrets planted long ago with love and ready to grow again.

6.Winter at Cedarwood Lodge by Rebecca Raisin (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen in the e-book)
This winter it’s time to fall in love at Cedarwood Lodge…
After years of dreaming, Clio winters is finally fulfilling her childhood dream of renovating the gorgeous old Cedarwood Lodge in Evergreen and turning it into the perfect destination for celebrations, weddings and extravagant birthday parties. The huge property used to be a bustling holiday camp, but now Clio wants to bring it back to its halcyon days- which will be a lot of hard work!
Returning to the small town of her youth, she’s glad to have one of her best friends still around to lean on: Micah, who is just as solid as he used to be. But with her own secrets pushing her to run from her glamorous life in New York, she’ll have to tread carefully, especially when the far- too- handsome-for- his own good contractor Kai shows up on her doorstep…
Sure she’s here in Evergreen to change her life, but there’s no way she’s falling in love!
Winter at Cedarwood Lodge is a delectable romance following Clio Winters’ journey back to her hometown of Evergreen.
Previously published as Celebrations & Confetti, Brides & Bouquets, Midnight & Mistletoe.

7.My Sweet Revenge by Jane Fallon (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on back cover)
I want to make my husband fall back in love with me.
Let me explain. This isn’t an exercise in 1950’s wifeydom. I haven’t been reading articles in old women’s magazines. ‘Twenty ways to keep your man’ That couldn’t be further from the truth.
I want him to fall back in love with me so that when I tell him to get the hell out of my life he’ll care.
I want it to hurt.
Paula has had Robert’s back since they got together as drama students. She gave up her dreams so he could make it. Now he’s one of the nation’s most popular actors. And Paula’s just discovered he’s having an affair,
She’s going to remind Robert just what he’s sacrificing. And then she’s going to break his heart like he broke hers. It will be her greatest acting role ever.
Revenge is sweet. Isn’t it?

8.Summer at the Lake by Erica James (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)
Lake Como beautiful, enchanting, romantic…
For Floriana, it is the place where the love of her life is getting married to another woman. And she’s been invited to the wedding.
For Esme, it is where, over sixty years ago, she fell in love for the first time. So often she’s wondered what happened to the man who stole her heart and changed the course of her life.
Adam is in danger of burying himself entirely in his work, after his girlfriend left him. Could a trip to Lake Como be the distraction he needs?
Now it’s time for each of them to understand that the past is not only another country, it can also cast haunting shadows over everyone’s lives…

9.Francesca’s Party by Patricia Scanlan (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb ( as seen on back cover)
A marriage under pressure.
After years of being a loyal wife and mother, Francesca Kirwan Finds her life changed irrevocably one dismal autumn morning when her husband Mark forgets his mobile phone. In the space of ten minutes her comfortable, safe, uneventful life is shattered. She has a choice- sink or swim.
A party that will change everything!
As Francesca’s life changes beyond all recognition, she is surprised to discover it’s not as terrifying as she thought it would be. In fact, it might even be the best thing that could have happened to her- a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by Mark.
And then Francesca decides to throw a party and that’s when the fun really starts…

10.Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)
Is there such a thing as ‘ happy-ever-after?’
After causing a terrible accident, Lizzy Dane’s life has lurched from one disaster to another. The final straw is when she realises that she and her fiancé Kieran want completely different things in life.
Swearing off men, she returns home to the cosy village of Halfhidden, to stay with her eccentric aunt Debo and her motley bunch of canine friends.
But it turns out that Halfhidden is full of surprises- and one very dishy newcomer who makes Lizzy’s quest for answers rather more complicated than she could ever have anticipated.

Gosh what wonderful cover’s they are!

This will be my final post this year, so I would like to wish you all a happy new year and may 2018 bring you good things!

Thank you to you all for all your support to Marie’s Book Boutique it truly means the world to me! In the new year you can expect more reviews, blog tours, bookish ramblings and much more, so I hope you’ll all join me!!!!

Happy New Year guy’s


Marie  xx


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