2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge


Hi there bookish folk!

Here’s the thing guy’s and lady’s, are you for or against reading challenge’s? I mulled this over, and I do realise for some they just add pressure on you and take the pleasure away from reading. But for me I  really quite like them! I have taken part the Goodreads reading challenge for about 5 years now and when I first started doing this challenge I never even completed it! ( I did a post all about how I started reading and why I struggled to begin with, you can check this post out here ) This really didn’t discourage me from partaking in the years that followed, if anything it just gave me more determination to try again. And in fact the following years my reading must have got quicker as I began to complete them!

I found out about Popsugar’s reading challenges a few years ago but never had the courage to actually partake! So this year I’ve decided to give it a good go! I think this challenge in particular will push my reading, making me consider books that I might not have even looked at. I feel it’s good to for me to get out of my ‘SAFE ZONE’ every once in a while; as it’s so easy to stick to your favourite genre or author. Don’t you think? And surly this expands the mind? I defiantly think reading different types of books will in turn help my spelling, grammar and might even teach me a new word or two, which is always a bonus!!!!!!

Here are the prompts for this years challenge… ( there’s an advance section which you can start if you complete the first half!)

popsuare reading challange prompt list

I will defiantly give this challenge a good go! I’m not saying I will be able to complete the first half or even make a start on the advanced bit, because of other blogging commitments that I have running through out the year. I must admit I’m quite looking forward to discovering new books, author’s and even learning about a particular subject I had no prior knowledge of.

Are you also taking this years challenge? I would love to hear from you if you are or even your take to reading challenge’s as a whole… please do get in touch. Also peep’s if you have any suggestions for books from any of the prompts, I would love to hear them!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by!




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