Review On: Alfie The Doorstep Cat by Rachel Wells

Alfie the doorstep cat

About the author (as seen in the book)

Rachel Wells

Rachel Wells is a mother, writer and cat lover. She lives in Devon with her family and her pets and believes in the magic of animals. Rachel grew up in Devon but lived in London in her twenties working in marketing and living in a tiny flat with an elderly rescued cat, Albert. After having a child she moved back to Devon and decided to take the plunge and juggle motherhood with writing.

She has always wanted to write and now has found her voice in her first novel, Alfie the doorstep cat. She has always had cats as pets, ever since a young child, and she has always wanted to write. Rachel is delighted to have been able to combine her two main passions at last.




Instagram: https://www.instagram/rachelwellsauthor

Publication date: 23rd October 2014

Publisher: Avon

ISBN: hardback 978-0-00-810162-6

paperback 978-0008133153

Pages: 320 pages

Genre: Fiction/ Romantic Comedy

Format reading: Hardback

Copy provided by: My own

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Can a pet really change your life?

Alfie is homeless, abandoned after his elderly owner passes away. But when he stumbles on Edgar Road, Alfie knows he’s found his new home.

However, the street’s residents don’t agree- the last thing they need is another stray cat, and he is shooed away from many doorsteps.

But as life throws its worst at the residents of Edgar Road, they soon realise how much they all need Alfie- a cat who brings hope in the darkest times, and who will always be a friend to those in need.

My Review

Before I begin, I think I should tell you I’m a big cat lover and have two of my own. So when I spot a cat story, I immediately gravitate towards them! I mean look at how totally adorable Alfie is on the cover of this book, how could you not love that?!?!?!  I really like the floating snow flakes that are falling around him. The shimmer redness of Alfie’s name adds a really nice touch and stands out beautifully.

Rachel Wells is a new author to me, (and as you know I do love to discover a new author!!!!) I was so excited when I final got to this book on my to read pile I can’t tell you! The story is told to the reader, by Alfie himself, which really make me feel connected with the whole story. You can really tell Rachel has studied cat’s, giving a good perspective of cat’s demeanour and actions; which you really see shine through her writing of the story.

The reader first meet’s Alfie at his home with elderly own, however she passes away; making his future uncertain. Alfie decides to take matters into his own paw’s and runs away, to find himself a new home. We are taken on Alfie’s journey as he faces many trials and tribulations; which I felt adds to his determination to not only find a new home but friends also.

There are undoubtedly may hurdles, and dangers to face as a homeless cat; which Alfie learns from and overcomes. He also meets some new characters some kind and friendly and others not so friendly. When Alfie stumbles alone to Edgar Road he feel’s he has found a street to call home. Alfie isn’t instantly wanted by the residents, but Alfie knows that the two part-time homes (smart cat!) he has chosen need him right now. His part-time owners are going through their own issues, and Alfie being the kind, caring cat he is want’s to try to help them; as they have help him. But what can he do to help them?

I truly and utterly adored this book very much (can you tell!!!) It’s entertaining to the very last page! Alfie’s character is super cute and as a cat owner and lover myself, is a great representations of cat’s mannerisms. The story has a lovely pace and flow to it, making it a true joy to read. The sentiment behind the story is just beautiful, the way a cat can help two people going through trying times. I think animal’s in general help us humans through difficult time and love us unconditionally without question. My cats certainly have!

I would highly recommend Alfie The Doorstep Cat by Rachel Wells, for a light-hearted and follow Alfie on his journey to find a new home. I completely fell in love with him, and I think you will to. What a great book this is, and I can’t wait to read more of Alfie’s adventures!

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