Book Review on: Chips in the bag- Classy Mr Murray by Margaret Kelleher

chips in my bag

About the author (as seen in the book)

Margaret Kelleher

Margaret Kelleher attended Mary Immaculate College of Education and spent the next thirty-five years as a Primary School teacher. Now retired, she is beginning the journey into her new career as a writer. She lives in Cork Ireland with her husband and family. Chips in a bag… Classy Mr Murray is her first novel.


Publication date: 19th June 2018

Publisher: Prodigy Gold Books

ISBN: Paperback 978-0993353987

Hardback 987-1939665362

Pages: 310 pages

Genre: Romance/ Suspense

Format reading: ARC eBook

Copy provided by: Publisher

Blurb (as seen on Amazon)

It’s been decades since the Brandon Lodge was at its peak: the idyllic background for many Irish summers and the romantic seeds its planted. Thirty years ago, this iconic landscape was the backdrop for a chance meeting between Clodagh Kenny and James Murray. It was there that they fell in love–and fell prey to heartbreak.
Years later, the site of the lodge has fallen under new management, and those who once loved it have returned in order to restored it. Now a successful knitwear designer, Clodagh has found herself a solid businesswoman with a lovely daughter whom she has raised as her own. Looking to create a fresh start in the newly developed Brandon Lodge Enterprise Park, Clodagh seeks to plant the seeds of new birth in the land of her past mistakes. Elsewhere, James is busy ascending the corporate ladder, only to find that no matter how far he climbs–he cannot escape the past.
When their new lives become entangled once again–Clodagh and James must reconcile the past if they ever hope to become lucky in love once more.

My Review

Before I start my review I would like to say a thank you to Laura from  Prodigy Gold Books for contacting me, and asked me to read and provide my honest review for the ARC of Chips in the Bag- Classy Mr Murray by Margaret Kelleher. I was delighted to have a read A) because as you all know I do like to discover a new author and B) because the blurb sounds so intriguing.

Brandon Lodge is surrounded by ace’s of wonderful Irish countryside and many out buildings. But this beautiful building now stands derelict and unloved. Back in its hay day Brandon Lodge the home of wonderful dances and where romances were started.

The current owners want to sell up, not being able to afford keep the building safe from break in’s and things being stolen; of which their has been many. The Lodge come’s on the market and is purchased by a conglomerate of investors; who wish to bring the whole place back to it’s former glory. Opening the Lodge as a hotel and the out buildings to be units where local people can show off there wears. The local people are invited to a meeting where they have a chance to meet the investors and what they plan to do, giving them a chance to put themselves forward for opening a shop.

Clodagh Kenny has finally come back to Brandon Lodge, a place that holds some good memories some not so good. In the day when she was younger she feel in love with the handsome James Murray; and used to dance the night away at the hall. However they both make some pretty stupid mistakes. Now she is still very single, she is a very successful knitwear designer and is opening a knitwear shop called Beth’s knits in the lodge, along side a tea room, bookshop and other stunning shops. Clodagh, has an adoptive daughter Beth, who she has brought up as her own after her mother past away. Beth, is beautiful and see’s how lonely her mother is trying to set her up with Robert from the bookshop only they seem to have managed to arranged to go dancing without any help! Can Clodagh really get over the passed? Will it all be too much? How will her and Robert get on? Will Beth find something she least expects? and if so is he available?

James Murray runs a very successful security business; who have been contracted to carry out the security measures for Brandon Lodge. As soon as James is aware that Clodagh is back and wanting a reason to not have to go traveling around to meetings he takes over the organising of it. James has two grown up children, Kathryn and Danny. Kathryn is happy all romance up and Danny is an auctioneer, looking for that one special lady. Danny has been seeing Pamela but what are her intentions when she see’s the way her looks at Beth in a chance meeting. Just what will Pamela do to try to keep Danny? Does Beth feel things for Danny? Will James get to be reunited with Clodagh? And is she available? Is history going to repeat its self again.

I just knew this book would be for me! Chips in the Bag- Classy Mr Murray was highly gripping in a gentle way, romantic, endearing and eventful. Margaret writes with great emotion really helping the reader to really get to know the characters and their life’s.(I haven’t mentioned all the characters in my review because I want you all to discover them as I did when reading! Just know they are all really different and great to follow through the book)  The beautiful description of the Lodge and the Irish countryside is really outstandingly wonderful.  I think that Margaret has given just enough of the story after each chapter to leave you wanting more!!!!!! I could quite frankly read her story’s all day long, highly recommend this one!!!!!!!


                                                      Marie’s Book Boutique gives

                        Chips in the Bag Classy Mr Murray by Margaret Kelleher

                                                    A wonderful 5 sparkly stars




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