Book Review On: Must Try Harder by Paula McGuire



About the author (as seen in the book)

Paula McguirePaula Mc Guire is an adventurer, speaker and author, but most of all she’s a trier.

For 30 years Paula lived under a rock, somewhere on the outskirts of every social situation, suffering crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression that would eventually rob her of even the most basic freedoms. After decades of medication and intervention, adventure became Paula’s personal therapy in 2012, when she became Paula Must Try Harder, trying 17 commonwealth sports, exposing her to constant fear and enabling her to fight her way back into the world.

Ever since, Paula has terrified herself daily in the name of recovery, and now spends all that nervous energy challenging herself to wild exploits and encouraging others to allow a little fear into their days. From skinny- dipping and flying a plane to going shopping on her own , Paula’s adventures have covered the bizarre and the banal, and demonstrate that living a happy, full life with anxiety really is possible.





Publication date: 23rd April 2018

Publisher: Trigger Press

(Info found in the book)

Proceeds from all Trigger Press books go directly to The Shaw Mind Foundation, a global charity that focuses entirely on mental health.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make help and support available for every single person in society, from all walks of life. We will never stop offering hope. These are our promises.

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-911246-85-5

Ebook: 978-1-911246-86-2

Pages: 216 pages

Genre: Mental Health

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Publisher

Blurb (as seen on the back of the book)

Paula McGuire’s world was shrinking. Bullied as a child and plagued by excessive social anxiety, she had become a recluse. Unable to even go into a shop on her own, Paula’s life was effectively over before she hit thirty.

But then something changed. She isn’t even quite sure what. But after years of running away from life, Paula decided to grab it by the balls…

She didn’t do anything to difficult to start with- just learning all 17 Commonwealth Games sports! After that, she threw herself into naked life modelling, astronaut training and coming next, Paula plans to swim all around the United Kingdom. At the time of writing, Paula can’t swim… somehow that isn’t discouraging her one bit!

Must Try Harder tells the remarkable story of a life transformed by facing up to all your fears. Paula’s funny, heartfelt, and above all, inspiring story shows us that we each have the power to do amazing things.

My Review

I must say a massive thank you to Katie from Trigger Press for contacting me, asking if I would read, review and for sending me a paperback of Must Try Harder by Paula McGuire.

When I read the blurb of this book I know it was going to be an emotional read, but also offering hope to fellow suffers.

I really like the brightness of this cover, which I really thinks makes it a book to pick up. The cover shows a swimming pool with someone about to jump off the board into the water. I like the different font’s used in the title, another eye-catching factor.

I wasn’t wrong there! Must Try Harder is a book split in two half’s. The first part is called Anxiety; where she shares things like her typical day and how her social anxiety has affected every part of her life. Paula’s struggles as she self mediates with over the counter medication, and she shows how her relationships suffered too. Part two Adventure; where Paula tells the reader how she throws herself into learning 17 Commonwealth Game Sports amongst other things.

From the very first page I was intrigued and interested in Paula’s journey, she shows how unimaginable crippling her social anxiety has affected her life and all the people around her. I must say I shed a few tears, certainly not out of pity but understanding in a relatable sense. I felt kind of connected to Paula while reading like she was sitting on my sofa chatting to me, which made it very easy to read. I love the way in which Paula has not only written with pure emotion but also she has added some humour with her witty writing which definitely adds a lighter note.

Paula has offered great insight in to this mental illness by sharing her journey with the world, offering hope, understanding and undoubtedly inspiration to other suffers. I loved reading Paula’s shear determination to learn to live with anxiety and the way she pushed herself to do new things. She is such an inspirational lady indeed!!!

Defiantly something I’ve taken from reading Must Try Harder is that there is hope, and the inspiration to push one’s self every day! I’m for one am glad Paula has shared her journey with us and hope’s it help’s anxiety suffers to see that you can still have a life!

I would 100% recommend Must Try Harder to any one suffering with anxiety! Paula is an inspiring lady!

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                                                Must Try Harder by Paula McGuire

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