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About the author (as seen on Amazon)

Isabelle Broom

Isabelle Broom was born in Cambridge nine days before the 1980s began and studied Media Arts in London before joining the ranks at Heat magazine, where she remains the Book Reviews Editor. Always happiest when she off on an adventure, Isabelle now travels all over the world seeking out settings for her novels, as well as making the annual pilgrimage to her true home – the Greek island of Zakynthos. Currently based in Suffolk, where she shares a cottage with her dog Max and approximately 467 spiders, Isabelle fits her writing around a busy freelance career and tries her best not to be crushed to oblivion under her ever-growing pile of to-be-read books.






Publication date: 20th April 2017

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: Paperback 978-0718186661

Also available in Ebook

Pages: Paperback 416 pages, Ebook 434 pages

Genre: Romantic Comedy/ Contemporary

Format reading: ARC Ebook

Copy provided by: Netgally- Publisher

Blurb (as seen on Amazon)

Hannah Hodges can’t believe her luck when she’s offered a trip to sunny Spain with her best friend and dreamy boss . . . but what’s the catch?
Twenty-eight year old Hannah is ready for an adventure. She and her colleagues are in Spain for a month to film a documentary, and it’s a dream come true. Not least because Hannah will get to spend long summer days with Theo, her boss (and gorgeous crush). It couldn’t be a more perfect setting to fall in love . . .
If only Tom (Hannah’s best friend and cameramen) and Claudette (the presenter) would stop getting in the way . . .
Then things become even more complicated when Nancy, Hannah’s half-sister arrives. What on earth is she doing here?
For just once in her life, can’t Hannah have one perfect summer, free of any drama?
Calling all escapists! Prepare to be whisked away to the Spanish sun in this completely absorbing page-turner.

My Review

Firstly, I would like to thank Netgally and the Publishers for approving me an ARC Ebook of Then. Now. Always. by Isabelle Broom, in return for my honest thoughts on the book. My apologies for it being posted late; there’s just not enough reading hours in the day!

Then Now Always by Isabelle Broom Front coverWhen I look at the front cover for this book, it makes me what to jump right in there! From the sun setting sky to the typical Spanish street; with mountains behind.

I like the post franking mark on the cover, that’s cute! The blue of the title works great against the sun setting sky behind as does the author’s name in white. A white trim borders the whole scene which gives it a postcard feel to it!

Hannah; a researcher for Vivid Productions in London and has done so for 5 years. In that time she has done all the research for her work colleagues ready for when they go off and visit exotic and exciting locations, leaving her behind.

Hannah works with her best friend Tom; who is a cameraman, they have been friends since university and have been inseparable ever since. They often get mistaken for a couple when they are out together because they are so close. But Hannah has a crush on her boss Theo; a Greek god of looks. She hasn’t told Tom but does confide in the other best friend; Rachel.

Hannah has been researching her butt off ready to pitch her idea of the hidden culture of Majorca (Almeria) showing how in the 70’s Artistic people world-wide came there to join the colony to her Theo. The pitch goes down a storm, with the whole team and they give the go ahead to film there. But after the pitch she feel’s deflated because she never get’s to see the job through to the end. Until Theo pull’s her aside and asks her to join the rest of the team to help research on location. Hannah jumps at the chance to do her first ever location and will be accompanying Theo; who will be editing, Tom the cameraman and Claudette; who will be presenting. She does have intentions as this is the place she went to with Rachel and her family when they were in their teens; and having lots of fun in the process! The pair got matching tattoos to remind them of their fun. The tattoo is of Indalo man; the legend behind it means good luck and to word of evil. This is where her idea for the document came from! But what happened when her and Rachel went there years ago? Will she do anything about her crush for Theo? Will Tom notice his best friend’s crunch on Theo? or is there more to Toms feelings for his friend? Why is this trip so important to her?

Before she they leave London, Hannah, Tom, Rachel and her boyfriend Paul have a catch up! Hannah has a dislike for her friend’s choice of boyfriend, so when Rachel announces Paul will be moving in with her; Hannah isn’t that pleased. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Tom; who thinks she should be pleased for her oldest friend. But can she? Why doesn’t she like him?

On arrival Hannah gets a rush of memories, on exploring by herself she bump’s in to an English lady; Elaine who came to Majorca in the 70’s. Hannah asks if she would mind her interviewing her for the documentary, Elaine is reluctant but agrees as long as her face isn’t shown. But why? Is there more to Elaine’s story? Will she open up to Hannah?

Hannah also manages to have a few moment’s with Theo, however when they start to open up to each other, there’s always something that gets in the way. Then Hannah gets an unexpected visitor from her horror of a step sister Nancy. Hannah is not happy at all to see Nancy and makes her feeling’s quit clear. But what is Nancy doing there? Why does Hannah dislike her step-sister? Will Nancy get in the way?

Then. Now. Always. is the first book I’ve ever read of Isabelle’s and I am incredibly glad I did! This book managed to whisk me away to sunny Spain, somewhere I’ve never actually been to; but gosh I certainly feel like I have when I finished this delightful book. Isabelle managed to wrap me up in Hannah’s story, and I very much felt compelled to read on after every chapter! This book has ticked all the boxes for me from the glorious setting, characters to the storyline which equates to a really great read. I will now be looking out for more of her book’s to escape too! If you can’t guess, I highly recommend you have a read this delightful book!

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