Way’s To Organise Your Bookshelf

Hi lovely readers,

In today’s post I’m talking about ways to organise you bookshelf! When I think about organising my book’s I get a giddy and  excited feeling at just the thought of being around all of them.

Unfortunately for me I have a tiny place for just my favourite books and have a more than a few piles around my bungalow, but not actual book case. The rest of my book’s are still in boxes (all 6 of them!!!) from when we moved house. I miss seeing there pretty little spines! Hopefully some day soon, I will have a bookshelf’s or case to display my collection of books. And then I can choose how to organise them; which is the fun bit!!!!!

I got to thinking of all the ways I could think of to organise bookshelf’s. Here’s what I came up with:

1.By colour- to co-ordinate your books in blocks of colour, to make a pretty rainbow affect.

IMG_35082.Alphabetically- you could do this three way’s; by author’s, by title or by publisher.

3.By genre- keeping all thrillers together, all fantasy together, all women’s fiction together! (You get the idea!)

IMG_35114.Put your book’s in order that you read them in.

5.By putting them in order of publication date’s.

6.In height order.


7. Putting the book’s together that have the same primary setting geographically. (North, East, South and West.)

8.Putting your book’s in randomly!

IMG_35129.In an order only you can understand!!!!

Well that’s what I came up with! I think if I had to choose a way to organise my bookshelf (when I get one that is!) I would probably go for option 2- Alphabetically by the author’s surnames; simply because I like order and it’s easier for me to find what a want when I want.

How about you? How do you organise you bookshelf’s? Do you have a different way to the one’s I came up with? As always’ guy’s you know I love to hear your thought’s!!

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8 thoughts on “Way’s To Organise Your Bookshelf

  1. I loved reading your ideas! I wish I’d thought about leaving them in the order I read them before, because that is SUCH a cool idea. Currently mine are organised by genre in a mixture of stacks and actual shelving haha
    I hope you find a more permanent place for your books soon!

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  2. I have combination organization. I put all the books by an author together, then I pull the ones that I want to read and have a shelf that is put in order of what I hope to read next. Of course I have more than one bookshelf and the one in my bedroom has the authors I read the most. So basically, I keep moving them around and have to look for whatever I want to read. I also have a few boxes with books that I recently bought at yardsales and used book sales that I have not even put on my shelf yet. So I guess I am actually #9.

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  3. This reminded me to set a time to re-organize my bookshelves! I have around, 450-ish physical books crammed in one and a half sized bookshelves haha I technically have two full sized one and one half size but the other one hosts my craft supplies instead of books.

    I just kinda have them condensed with no particular meaning to them lol

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