Book Review On: The Plumberry School of Comfort Food by Cathy Bramley



About the author (as seen on Amazon)

Cathy Bramley

Cathy Bramley is the Sunday Times Top Ten best-selling author of THE LEMON TREE CAFE. Her other romantic comedies include Ivy Lane, Appleby Farm, Wickham Hall, Conditional Love, The Plumberry School of Comfort Food and White Lies and Wishes. She lives in a Nottinghamshire village with her family and a dog.

Cathy turned to writing after spending eighteen years running her own marketing agency. She has been always an avid reader, never without a book on the go and now thinks she may have found her dream job!






Publication date: 30 June 2016

Publisher: Corgi

ISBN: Paperback: 9780552172080

Also available in Ebook and Audiobook

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: My own brought

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Verity Bloom hasn’t been interested in cooking anything more complicated than the perfect fish finger sandwich, ever since she lost her best friend and baking companion two years ago.

But an opportunity to help a friend lands her right back in the heart of the kitchen. The Plumberry School of Comfort Food is due to open in a few weeks’ time and needs the kind of great ideas that only Verity could cook up. And with new friendships bubbling and a sprinkling of romance in the mix, Verity finally begins to feel like she’s home.

But when tragedy strikes at the very heart of the cookery school, can Verity find the magic ingredient for Plumberry while still writing her own recipe for happiness?

My Review

The Plumberry school of comfort food by cathy bramely front cover

This front cover is just glorious and delightful in so many ways: firstly I really like the swirly writing used for Cathy’s name in white and the title in a lovely deep plum colour this looks great against the blue backing of the sky. A king fisher rests on the end of the author’s name (How cute is that?). moving back to the title a few cooking instruments are scattering around it, two branches creep in to the cover and then your eye’s meet the winding hills, stream and the village blow. A lady is walking down a path gazing at the village in front of her. All in all I think this is a delicious looking front cover!(see what I did there, with the  food related reference!!!!!!!)

I’ve become a fan of Cathy’s stories since I read Appleby Farm ( you can read my review for that Here

Verity Bloom, loosed her best friend; Mimi and baking companion two years ago. Still caught up in her grief; nothing makes her happy anymore not even her friend and roommate can put a smile on her face.  Mimi leaves behind a husband and their little son Noah.

So when Verity get’s a panicked phone call from Mimi’s mother who is about to open a cookery school. She has also just finished her relationship with her jobless and cheating boyfriend so agrees to help her for a while. What a wait’s her? Can Verity bring herself to start cooking again or is it to painful? Will she find her own happiness when she’s there? How will she deal with the whole team? Is it going to be plain sailing/cooking?

The Plumberry School of Comfort Food by Cathy Bramley is a cosy, warm story that’s, funny, witty and full of excitement. It’s also not without a few sad bit; which I always’ think keeps the story true to life. Cathy really has an exquisite writing style that I have just fallen in love with. She provides lovely description that produce image after image in my mind while reading, kind of like a slide show. There are quite a few up’s and down’s throughout the book-keeping me intrigued and entertained. I really didn’t want this story to end and was pretty bummed when I did!

This story also has many bit’s that I could relate to for me personally and could sympathise with Verity’s character at points; which is probably why I couldn’t put it down to be honest. I adored reading all the yummy food’s that get cooked; so having said that I would advise you have something yummy to hand if you get to read this great book.

At the end of the book I was delighted to discover some of the lovely recipes in the story; which I will try to give a go at some point. I thought this was a really nice touch!

If you adore cooking, baking with the added drops of romance and drama, then this story is for you! I really recommend it!

                                                 Marie’s Book Boutique gives

                       The Plumberry School of comfort Food by Cathy Bramley

                                                    An awesome 5 Sparkly Stars




4 thoughts on “Book Review On: The Plumberry School of Comfort Food by Cathy Bramley

  1. I love the cover and it sounds really enjoyable. I loved your review. I went online and this author’s books are not available in kindle at all, so it might be awhile before I read any, but this one sounds like one I would enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually, I never thought to check at the used bookstore here. A lot of the authors from the UK only have physical books, not ebooks, so I bet there are alot from the various authors you have posted about, or, I just have to come back to the UK for another vacation. 🙄🙄

        Liked by 1 person

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