Pro’s and con’s of buying books from book shops and online!


pros and cons of buing from bookshops and online

Hi lovely bookworms,

In today’s post I’m looking into the pro’s and con’s of buying book’s from a shop and online.

Now book buying as any bookworm will tell you is an incredibly big deal! ( Well is certainty is for me! I get so excited just thinking about buying books!!!!!) Even though both methods give me great pleasure, but for different reasons. I live in the countryside so getting near a book shop isn’t always an option, so its usually online or supermarket book shopping for me when the purse strings allow. I would prefer a going to a book shop any day of the week; because when I walk into a book shop I feel utter joy and contentment from the new book smell to picking book’s up and having a gander!  Online book shopping allows me to shop in the comfort at home, when I can’t get out due to illness.

Here are the pro’s and con’s that I came up with:

Book shop  shopping


*You get to experience the ambiance of the book shop atmosphere.

*You get to take you purchases home with you! (No waiting for them!!)

*Being surrounded by other bookworm customers and staff!


*Prices for books are often higher than online prices.3

*You have to get dressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Online shopping


*You can wear you PJ’s and have a nice hot drink while you shop in the comfort of your own home. Or you can shop while your out and about!

*Reasonable and often cheaper prices for books.

*You can go to lots of sites to compeer prices of books to get the best of deal.

*The excitement at getting your order!


*You have to wait for you books.

*You can’t handle the books before you buy them.

*Your shopping experience is an instant and over once you’ve payed. (until the book arrives that is!!!)

So there you have it, my pro’s and con’s of shop and online book buying methods. Is there anything I’ve missed? How do you prefer to buy your books? As you know I love to hear your thoughts!!!!

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