Book Review On: Awake Under The Night Sky by Vanya Sharma


About the author (as seen on Amazon)

Vanya SharmaVanya Sharma was born in India and has spent much of her life traveling, living in cities around the world. It was through her grandfather’s storytelling that she developed her passion for writing. She now lives in England with her husband and two daughters and is a full-time working mum.








Publication date: 13th September 2017 Paperback, 4th September 2017 Hardback

Publisher: Creatspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1976233333

Hardback: 978-1999774783

Also available in Ebook format.

Pages: 326 pages Paperback and 328 pages Hardback

Genre: Romance/ Women’s Fiction

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Author

Blurb (as seen on Amazon)

A deeply moving love story which will touch your heart!

A Twenty-year-old Andre is found unconscious on a raft off the coast of Murano, Italy. Rescued by his father, Andre realizes his downward spiral over the past few months and strives to emerge from the clutches of his past. Witness to the ravages of poverty and neglect, an Eighteen-year-old Vivian is driven by a purpose, in a world that seems to have lost its conscience.

One unknown country, two unknown people and a chance meeting that changes their lives forever. No matter how strongly he feels for her, he has a past to restore and she has a future to change. But the vagaries of fate which follow are just the beginning…

My Review

I must firstly say thank you to Vanya for getting in touch with me asking me to read, and give my honest thoughts on her book Awake Under The Night Sky! Also for kindly sending me a singed paperback.

front cover for awake under the night sky by Vanya SharmaWhen I look at this front cover to this book, it takes me to a far away place. It’s simply stunning the way the cover has been split in to two half’s. At the to a young couple are having a cuddle under a starry sky, looking completely comfortable  and at ease with each other. Under the title a woodland, a lake with a row-boat bobbing in the middle and  buildings poking through the tops of the trees. The author’s name is situated in the lake. I think it’s safe to say I blooming adore this front cover very much! Great design and I can say now I’ve read it, it’s pretty perfect for this story!

Andre; a twenty year old man, is suddenly in the clutches of his past. After an accident and being rescued by his father; Andre knows what he has to do for his future. He want’s to get his father’s Italian glass factory back to what it used to be, and is determined to do so. When his father get’s a job in New Deli, they both agree this will be good for them to get away from the past for a while. Andre is thrust into a new country and new college. His clear plan and determination shines through his study’s. When he meet’s the beautiful Vivian he doesn’t count on falling head over heals with her.

Vivian moves to New Deli with her family to start college. After taking a trip with her grandmother to Africa; where she see’s first hand the poverty, neglect and a place that need so much help. Heartbroken by what she see’s but it gives her the determination to study hard and follow in her grandmother’s footsteps to go back and help these people. But she doesn’t count on fall in for Andre!

Andre and Vivian spend many of their free hours together, falling madly and deeply in love with each other. The both accept each other’s clear goals they each have but they will take them into different country’s and they both struggle with not being together. Andre makes a drastic decision to end their relationship and set Vivian free. It breaks both their hearts but one things they do know is that they both have things that drive them forward to their goals. But has Andre done the right thing? Will they find any happiness without each other? Will they both achieve their goals? Will their path’s cross through the years? How will they react if they do? Will they admit they want to be together? Or will they try to find happiness else where?

From the very first chapter I felt so enchanted and wrapped up in Andre and Vivian’s love story. The intensity of their relationship is truly addictive to read and made me what to read on. I feel Vanya has really written a very refreshing, emotional story and has a genuine talented for writing. I really felt immersed on a deep level in this story to the point that what ever was going on around me, well I was not really aware of it!!!!

I thoughly enjoyed every second of Awake Under The Night Sky and I can’t recommend this beautifully written story enough! I’m defiantly re-reading again at some point for sure!!!!!!

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