My Thoughts On How To Read More!

Hi lovely bookish folk,

So, today as you’ve probably guessed from the title I’m sharing my thought’s on how to read more!


The only way I feel I can give my opinion on this is to draw on my own reading journey so far. I did a post about this last year which you can check out Here

My reading journey didn’t start seriously till I was in my 20’s (2006); when I found out I was dyslexic. Before I often found reading frustrating and would very rarely finished a book to the end. My dyslexic assessor was great and explained thing’s to me and gave me helpful tips!

In 2006 I read a total of 13 books in that year and then fast forward to last year (2017) and I read an amazing grand total of 65 books in the year. (which on all accounts, I never thought I would ever do when I first started!) Now the only things I’ve done is

1.I just read!

2.I have a dictionary near me while I read. Just in case I get stuck on a word I’m struggling to read!

3.Use a postcard or bookmark to guide me while I read. (so the words don’t jumble up!)

That’s it! Point’s 2 and 3 are merely tool’s in which to aid with my dyslexia, but having said that I do feel that they have helped me to be able to read more as the years have gone on. In my humble opinion the more you read the faster your reading will get; and therefore you will in turn read more book’s (Hopefully!!!) But this will only happen over time and isn’t a steadfast way to reading more books.

I’m not going to fib to toy and say each year you’ll defiantly read more book each year… because undoubtedly there will  be years you don’t. Like for instance in 2012 I read a total of 47 books and in the following year (2013) I only managed to read 32 books. This  could have been for any number of reasons like from life in general, my mood, special occasions or my dyslexia; which can all play a big part in how long I would have to spend on reading.

What I will say is that the more I read the faster my reading has become. Don’t get me wrong if I’m having a trying day with my dyslexia my reading slows down anyway. So really the key to reading more books is simply to keep reading!!!!!!!!


Do you have any thoughts on this post as you know I love to hear them!

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8 thoughts on “My Thoughts On How To Read More!

  1. I have really started to enjoy audio books. I am alone in the house, so I listen to audio books when I am doing things with my hands, i.e. dishes, folding laundry, ironing, baking and of course when driving.

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      1. I never thought I would enjoy audio books, but started listening to them on my long drive to Florida and it really helped pass the time without having to keep changing the radio station. I love them now. I hope you give it a try. I will admit, they are not for everyone.

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