Book Review On: The City Bakers Guide To Country Living by Louise Miller



About the author (as seen in the book)

Louise Miller- The city bakers guide to country livingLouise Miller is a pastry chef who lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an art school dropout, an amateur flower gardener, an old-time banjo player, an obsessive moviegoer, and a champion of old dogs. The City Bakers Guide To Country Living is her debut novel. Her new novel, The Late Bloomers’ Club is forthcoming from Pamela Dorman Books.







Publication date: 9th August 2016

Publisher: Penguin Books

ISBN: Paperback 9781101981214

Hardback 978110198127

Ebook 9781101981221

Also available in Audio CD

Pages: 352 pages (Paperback and Hardback) 345pages (Ebook)

Genre: Fiction/ Contemporary

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Borrowed from a friend

Blurb (as seen on Amazon)

When Olivia Rawlings–pastry chef extraordinaire for an exclusive Boston dinner club–sets not just her flambeed dessert but the entire building alight, she escapes to the most comforting place she can think of–the idyllic town of Guthrie, Vermont, home of Bag Balm, the country’s longest-running contra dance, and her best friend Hannah. But the getaway turns into something more lasting when Margaret Hurley, the cantankerous, sweater-set-wearing owner of the Sugar Maple Inn, offers Livvy a job. Broke and knowing that her days at the club are numbered, Livvy accepts.
Livvy moves with her larger-than-life, uberenthusiastic dog, Salty, into a sugarhouse on the inn’s property and begins creating her mouthwatering desserts for the residents of Guthrie. She soon uncovers the real reason she has been hired–to help Margaret reclaim the inn’s blue ribbon status at the annual county fair apple pie contest.
With the joys of a fragrant kitchen, the sound of banjos and fiddles being tuned in a barn, and the crisp scent of the orchard just outside the front door, Livvy soon finds herself immersed in small town life. And when she meets Martin McCracken, the Guthrie native who has returned from Seattle to tend his ailing father, Livvy comes to understand that she may not be as alone in this world as she once thought.
But then another new arrival takes the community by surprise, and Livvy must decide whether to do what she does best and flee–or stay and finally discover what it means to belong. Olivia Rawlings may finally find out that the life you want may not be the one you expected–it could be even better.

My Review

The city bakers guide to country living front coverThe front cover is like a perfect winter picture and makes me want to snuggle up in nice soft blanket! From the forest of Christmas trees covered in a coating of snow to the truck carrying some cut down trees in the back, down a snowy track. The author’s name is coloured in a bright orange and the colour has carried on around the edge in the form of branches; which really makes the cover bright and eye-catching. The title is in a darker blue than the sky and stands out well.

This book was borrowed from a friend after she recommended it to me! Louise Miller is a new author to me, so I was quite excited to start to read.

The story starts off in Boston (America) where Olivia (Livvy) is a very distinguished pastry chef at the very prestigious Emerson Club. She just so happens to be having a fling with not just a married man, but a much older man; who is the president to the club James! When the club is in the missed of a special occasion, Livvy manages to set the place alight! Livvy is told to take time away from the club while the repairs are being done. Mortified and ashamed she flees Boston with her dog Salty to her best friend Hannah’s in Guthrie, Vermont in a bit to hide away.

Livvy knows she can’t stay with her best friend and her husband (who she doesn’t really like) for ever and she need’s to work out what she is going to do for work. Hannah adores having her best friend close by and thinks she should stay! Hannah tells Livvy of a job going in a local Inn called the Sugar Maple Inn; who are in need of a baker. Deciding she has nothing to lose Livvy goes for her interview with owner Margaret. Her interview is not just conducted by Margaret but her best friend Dotty. After she has been shown around and that she will be staying in the Sugar House behind the Inn because the room on offer is near the kitchen and Salty can’t be near the kitchen area. Livvy is asked to bake an apple pie in front of them; while they watch and chat. Margaret seems to come across as moody and offish with Livvy but informs her she has got the job and lodgings. Livvy is shocked she gave her the job but very grateful and is eager to get back in the kitchen and bake!

As Salty and Livvy settle in their new home and into country life; which is so different from her life in Boston. She is asked to play her banjo in a local band and catches the eye of Martin the fiddler player (Dotty’s Son). Martin is back in town be with his parents, as his father is very ill. He enjoys Livvy’s company as the begin to spend more time together and with his family; to which she is becoming attached to. She even enters a baking competition however getting used to local gossip takes some getting used to, but either way she becomes quite attached and at home here. Hannah becomes a bit annoyed Livvy hasn’t been spending much time with her but she has some exciting news! What could it be? Why is Margaret so off hand-ish with Livvy? Will Livvy and Martin be more than friends? Or will something get in the way? Can Livvy make her new life work? Or will she go back to Boston with her tail between her legs?

I have to say first off, you can certainly tell that the author is a chef because the description of the lovely bakers treats through the book was wonderful and out of this world. It did make me hungry though so I suggest that you have something yummy in while you read, because you will need it!!!!!! However for me the actual story started off really quit slowly but I persevered with it till the end and did manage to get into it in the end. The characters were all really likeable and there are many high’s and low’s for them all!!!


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