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Photo of The Love Shack by Jane Costello

About the author (as seen in the book)

Jane CostelloJane Costello was a newspaper journalist before she became an author, working on the Liverpool Echo, the Daily Mail, and the Liverpool Daily Post, where she was Editor. Jane’s first novel Bridesmaids, was an instant bestseller and her subsequent novels have been shortlisted for a number of prizes, including The Melissa Nathan Award for Romantic Comedy and the Romantic Novelists Association Romantic Comedy Award, which she won in 2010 with The Nearly Weds. Jane lives in Liverpool with her fiancé Mark and three young sons.






Publication date: 25th April 2015

Publisher: Simon & Shuster UK

ISBN: Paperback 978-1-47112-927-8

Ebook 978-1-47112-928-5

Also available in Audiobook and Audio CD

Pages: 496 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Borrowed

Blurb (as seen in the back cover)

Life’s great when you’re 29 years old with a gorgeous girlfriend and fulfilling job. Until you have to move back in with your mum…

Dan and Gemma have found their dreams first home, but the asking price is the stuff of nightmares.

The only way they’ll ever save enough for the deposit is by moving in, rent free, with Dan’s mum.

It’s a desperate solution, but it’s only for six months. And Gemma’s determined to make it work, no matter how bad things get.

But between Dan’s mum’s kitchen karaoke, her constant inuendos, irrepressible argumentative streak. and worst of all her ham and pineapple curries, life back at home would test the patience of two saints. Which Dan and Gemma most definitely are not.

Then, as they’re trying to convince themselves it will all be worth it, Gemma’s past comes back to haunt her. And suddenly the foundation of their entire relationship are shaken to their core…

My Review

front cover for The Love Shack by jane costelloAs soon as I saw this front cover I fell in love… It’s got a sweet and charming feel about it. The salmon pink backing is bright and eye catching. A little cottage in need of some TLC with a ‘For Sale’ singe in front of it and is situated at the top right hand side. A couple embracing each other with tool’s poking out of their pockets. Under that the title is in white and in the word ‘Love’ the ‘o’ has a love heart in the canter, how cute is that? Then Jane’s name is coloured in black and has a tin of paint with a paint brush sticking out! All in all I think this is a perfectly designed front cover.

In The Love Shack we meet Gemma and Dan two people madly in love. They’ve been dating for just over a year, sharing a rented flat. But now they think it’s time to put their money into their own place, and want to buy. As they start their search for their dream pad, it soon becomes apparent that the house prices are well out of their reach. They both have job’s Dan work’s for a homeless charity and Gemma an advertising agency, but their wages aren’t crazy amounts of money.

On realising this Gemma comes up with a plan to help them save for a deposit for when they find the right house and that is to move in with Dan’s mother in the big converted barn; rent free! Not only that to sell their car for a cheaper one. Dan’s not over joyed to be moving back home he is independent man; but like Gemma he can seen on other way.

Dan’s mother is over joyed to have her son and his girlfriend as guests. But it soon becomes apparent her life and interfering could become a problem. Their plan is to stay their for 6 months, saving hard for their deposit; which Dan’s mother has offered to pay and Dan refuses. Dan come’s back with their new car; which is not what Gemma was expecting; it’s rusty and back fires but needs must! Dan and Gemma soon find out that getting a single moment alone together is impossible what with his mother’s kitchen Karaoke amongst other things!!!!

On one of their search’s they come across Pebble cottage which instantly steels their hearts. It’s in need of a lot of repairs but they are certain it’s their dream home and are prepared the extra cash to secure it. Will Dan and Gemma ever get a moment to themselves? Will Gemma be able to deal with Dan’s mother’s interference? and will it put seeds of doughty into her mind? Can they save enough money in time? Will they be at Dan’s mothers for longer than planed? Can Dan and Gemma’s relationship cope with the stress? or will they lose the house and go their separate ways?

I have to say this book was a joy to read and I felt totally immersed in the story as it unfolded. It’s has hilarious romance and has more than a few rocky moments. Dan’s mother gave me more than a few giggles!!! And Dan and Gemma were characters you just fall in love with, they are relatable and real down to earth!

I have read a few of Jane’s book’s now and love her comical style of writing. What a talented lady!

The Love Shack is charming and a lovely easy read. It’s defiantly a must read!!!!

                                                      Marie’s Book Boutique gives

                                                  The Love Shack by Jane Costello

                                                               5 Sparkly Stars
5starsAll my reviews are my own thoughts and feelings on a book and have in no way been influenced in any way.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review on: The Love Shack by Jane Costello

  1. I love the cover of this book as well, I have not read anything by Jane Costello, but will have to check out what is available for me at the library, KU or Scribd. I enjoy rom-coms and this one sounds like it right up my alley. Great review Marie.

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