Book Review On North of the Rock by Ian Jones


North of the rock by ian jones


About the author (as seen on the back cover)

Ian is just a normal guy, who has to work but loves to write. He has completed several books and is keen to do more as long as people enjoy them. He lives in London with his family and has a passion for motorbikes and music…

Publication Date: 18th June 2019

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

ISBN: Paperback 978-1-912850-10-5

eBook 978-1-912850-11-2

Pages: 308 pages

Genre: Thriller

Format Reading: Paperback

Copy Provided By: Faye from Athoright

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

John Smith is a man who solves problems, just don’t try to stop him. As a favour to an old friend in the FBI John returns to West Texas. But there is now a whole new town and way of life that has sprung up since he was last there ten years previously. He soon finds out he is in the middle of some very rich men; who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

My Review

Firstly I would just like to thank a few people of asking me to read, review and kindly providing me with a copy of  North of the Rock by Ian Jones but also for their patience in waiting for my review. Faye from Authoright and Clink Street Publishing thank you!

North of the Rock is the second book in a series, which can also be read as a standalone. I read the first book  Lost In Vegas and really enjoyed all the action and gripping storyline.

Front cover for North of the rock by ian jones

I really like the look of this front cover from the oranges and yellows to the sunset sky and the dusty dry desert and rocky mountains. All the different shaids of brown of the mountins I thinks adds a kind of 3D affect making them really stand out on the cover. The title is white and is grainy and Ian’s name is in a smaller font at the bottom.

John Smith is an Ex-army, and is a man to get any job done. He has been asked by and old friend in the FBI to return to West Texas; where nothing is the same as it was back when he was there over 10 years ago. John is a man that works alone because he finds it easier that’s way.

His friend wants him to investigate and gather as much information on case John was on 10 years ago, but he must do it as quietly as possible. It means John will have to go visit a man he put in prison for murdering two men and women; who is also saying he has been wrongly accused. This will mean the FBI’s work will be under much scrutiny.

John’s presents is not going unnoticed and he is soon made aware his presents is not wanted. What will John uncover? Will he uncover the truth before more people get caught in the cross fire? Is everything as it seems? Was the wrong man convicted? Has John stumbled on a big can of worms?

North of the Rock by Ian jones has great description as the first book did and is enough to be able to visualise the setting and surroundings as you read. It has great action keeping you entertained, I really became rapped up in all the twists and turns as they unfolded before my very eyes. I think I would have liked to seen a bit more dialogue but that’s just my preference, I still enjoyed it nun the less.

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4 stars


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