Book Review On: Jennifer Brown Moving On by Angie Langley

jennifer brown moving on by angie langley

About the author (as seen in the book)

Angie langleyAuthor Angie Langley was born in Somerset and has lived in the South West of England all her life. Nowadays home is a 17th century thatched cottage on the banks of the River Avon in Wiltshire, a tiny piece of heaven and a true writer’s paradise. ‘Jennifer Brown Moving On is the second in a series of three books continuing the adventures of our heroine as she muddles her way through life’s up’s and down’s.




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Publication date: 4th June 2019

Publisher: Riverside Publishing Solutions

ISBN: Paperback 978-1-913012-10-6

Ebook 978-1-913012-11-3

Pages: 264 pages

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Format Reading: Paperback

Copy Provided By: Angie Langley

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

She’s Back!

Five feet one and full of fizz, Jennifer Brown has learned to roll with the punches and adapt to whatever life throws at her.

It’s thrown plenty in the past and she’s had to use her steely core to reinvent herself, first as cook and housekeeper to a saucy sexagenarian, then as manager of a tumbled down country estate with sensitive secrets.

In Jennifer Brown Moving On, this Bridget Jones with knobs on is taking charge of her life again, showing the world she can move in the most exalted, high- power circles and lose not an ounce of her gutsy, down-to-earth charm.

Her hilarious cross-dressing confidant Will is on hand once again, with pearls of caustic wisdom, and her old boss Jonathan Dashwood-silk breezes in and out of her life, still dripping charisma but still needing our heroine to dig him out of the odd hole.

As she crosses continents and breaks bread with the world’s movers and shakers, Jennifer Brown finds her mind still troubled by thoughts of the quiet man with the warm eyes and the velvet vowels. Then the daydream is torpedoed when she’s invited to his wedding.

But you know Jennifer. She never gives up.

My Review

I would very much like to thank Angie Langley for her patients and kindness in waiting for me to post my review on her book. And also for asking me again to read and review her next book and very kindly sending me a singed paperback. Thank-you lovely Angie!!!

front cover for jennifer brown moving on

Another great cover it’s bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds in the background and the London scean of buses, black cabs on a busy street and Jennifer Brown at the front about to go about her day! Love it!

Jennifer Brown Moving On is the second instalment of a three book series. I read  Jennifer Brown’s Journey  , which I really enjoyed very much! So much so I’ve read it more than once. You can imagen my excitement to read Angie’s next book.

We catch up with Jennifer Brown again as she is about to embark on a new career in London city and traveling all over the world; selling expensive wine to the rich and famous. Needless to say things don’t always go to plan for poor Jennifer in love, life and work. But her shear guts and determination she carry’s on regardless and has her trusted cross-dressing mate Will is always on hand to listen and offer advice!!!! Her dishy old boss floats in and out of her life and the man she actually  has feelings for is now out of reach. Will Jennifer ever settle down in love? Is Mr Right closer than she thinks? Can she get the flow of selling expensive wine? Dose she enjoy her now role and mixing with the rich and famous?

I have to say first off how hilarious and fun the second book is to read!! I had a blast as I kind of knew from reading the first book! Jennifer’s character is not just funny but she has depth and kindness that I can’t help but love as she goes about the next stage of her life. I love her general attitude to life and her steely determination! Angie’s writing is wonderful in every possible way… she has packed every ingredient that makes up a truly eventful book that keep’s you turning the pages just to see what happens next! One of my favourite parts in this book was when Jennifer’s friends Maranda talks her into go speed dating, I simply couldn’t stop giggling! I have very much enjoyed all the new characters and reconnecting with old one’s!

All in all I had a tremendous reading experience reading Jennifer brown Moving On! In my eye’s Angie Langley has done it again! Writing a book that I know I will enjoy reading again and again! I’m very much looking forward to reading the final book of Jennifer Brown’s story, although I will be sad it’s the last! I can’t recommend this fabulous read enough… it’s just fantastic!

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                                         Jennifer Brown Moving On by Angie Langley

                                                           A superb 5 sparkly stars


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