Book Review On: Pocket Book Of Love by Trigger Publishing


pocket book of love



About the author (as provided by publisher)

Trigger Publishing is an independent publishing house specialising in books on mental health and wellbeing. Our aim is to open the conversation around mental health and to promote wellbeing.







Publication date: 5th March 2020

Publisher: Trigger Publishing

ISBN: Hardback only- 9781789561838

Pocket Book Of Friendship-9781789561845

Pocket Book Of Happiness-9781789561852

Pocket Book Of Hope-9781789561821

pocket book of hope, Love etc

(Photo above provided by Publisher)

Pages: 160 pages

Genre: Motivational self help/ Mental health

Format reading: Hardback

Copy provided by: Trigger Publishing

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

When life seems a little lonely and you need some love and nurturing, turn to this collection of inspirational quotes to rekindle a feeling of connection.

Filled with wisdom from some of the worlds most well-known minds, the Pocket Book Of Love offers thoughts and advice to restore, rest and revive you, day-by-day.

‘The little unremembered acts of kindness and love are the best part of a person’s life.’ William Wordsworth

MY Review

I would like to say a massive thank you to Beth from Trigger publishing and Trigger themselves for not just asking me to read and review but also for kindly sending me Pocket Book Of Love ( Pocket Book Of Hope )

Pocket Book Of Love is in a collection of book; Pocket book Of Hope, Friendship, happiness.

I have read a few of Trigger publishing books now:  Stand Tall Little Girl  and  Must Try Harder and have found them to be jolly good reads. I like Triggers ethos to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Pocket Book Of Love is a lovely collection of quote from well known faces from; Audrey Hepburn to Aristotle and many more. It a book you can put down and pick up whenever the need and is a nice size to be able to carry around. I thought that this book was really lovely and can see how it would give say a lonely person some love.

I’d like to share a couple of my favourite quotes from the book;

‘To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.’ Madonna

‘Love may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile.’ Sean Connery

What lovely quotes that filled my heart with love in an instant and will you too. I defiantly recommend this little book and I can’t wait to read the others in the collection.

                                                      Marie’s Book Boutique gives

                                      Pocket Book Of Love by Trigger Publishing

                                                          A Lovey 5 Sparkly Stars


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