Book Review on: Hidden Truths by Muna Shehadi

About the author (as seen in the book)

Muna Shehadi’s life long love of reading inspired her to become a writer. She got her start in romance but is excited to be making her debut now in women’s fiction.

Muna grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, lives in Wisconsin, and has a much- loved summer place on the beautiful coast of Maine, all of which she couldn’t resist featuring in her Fortune’s Daughters Trilogy.





Publication date: 28th May 2020

Publisher: Headline Review

ISBN: Paperback 9781472258731

also available in Ebook format.

Pages: 400 pages

Genre: Romance Sagas

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Amazon Vine

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Eve Moore is in a rut.

Stuck in a steady, predictable relationship, and a job where she’s no longer challenged, Eve and her sisters are reeling from a recent discovery, years after their famous movie star mother’s death, that Jillian Croft could never have given birth to any of her daughters…

Embracing new horizons doesn’t come naturally, but when the chance falls into Eve’s lap to strike out on her own and test her architectural design skills, she sees it as the perfect opportunity for change – one that turns out to be further-reaching than she could have imagined.

Planning to lose herself in work on Washington Island, Eve keeps stumbling into unexpected and complicated secrets. But she also begins to forge close emotional connections to her new acquaintances, and discovers that by bringing another family back together, she might be able to heal her own long-concealed heartache, and step into the future she chooses – on her own terms.

My Review

The reader meet Eve one of three sisters (Olivia and Rosalind) and they are the daughters of famous movie star Jillian Croft. Eve is an architect and is stuck in a job that’s going no where and simply not letting her meet her potential. Then there’s her boyfriend Mike; who simply not what she needs right now. After the death of their mother the sister’s find out that Jillian Croft is not their birth mother. Olivia and Eve don’t want to really find out anymore about this, where as Rosalind does.

Eve has an offer of a new job’s to test her architectural abilities by going solo on Washington Island for her stepmothers friend Shelley and another client Clayton. So she gives up her job and her and her dog Marx take off much to the annoyance of Mike.

Eve see’s this as a chance to lose herself and ignore all the events of her past. However her past keeps popping her head out, she finds a friend in Clayton and they build a friendship. Out of nowhere young runaway teenager Abigail befriends Eve; telling her of how she came to the island and her parent issues. Can Eve complete her first two solo jobs? Will Eve’s past that she’s locked away make her deal with it? Why is Abigail here on Washington Island? Will Eve and Mike make their relationship work, or is it dead in the water? Is Clayton and Eve just good friends? Will the mysteries surrounding the sisters and their birth mother’s unravel?

Guy’s to say I loved reading this book would be an understatement! I simply couldn’t put it down. This is the second book in the Fortune’s Daughters Trilogy and I haven’t read the first book, but I don’t think it’s an issue as each book revolves around each sister. If anything reading Hidden Truths has made me what to read the two books!

Eve’s story rapped round me like a cosy blanket and made me want to find out where her story goes. The author Muna Shehadi has a truly beautiful writing style; full of description that you can visualise perfectly in your mind. This book is a must read in my eye’s. Its escapism at its best! I can’t wait now to read the other two books!!!!

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