Book Review On: If I Could Say Goodbye by Emma Cooper

About the author (as seen in the book)

Emma Cooper is a former teaching assistant, who lives in Shropshire with her partner and four children. She spends her spare time writing novels, drinking wine and watching box-sets with her partner of twenty-four years, who still makes her smile everyday.

Emma has always wanted to be a writer – ever since childhood, she’s been inventing characters (her favourite being her imaginary friend ‘Boot’) and is thrilled that she now gets to use this imagination to bring to life all of her creations.





Publication date: 17th September 2020

Publisher: Headline

ISBN: Paperback 978-1472265043

also available in audiobook.

Pages: 400 pages

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Format reading: paperback

Copy provided by: Amazon Vine

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Jennifer Jones’ life began when her little sister, Kerry, was born.

So when her sister dies in a tragic accident, nothing seems to make sense any more.

Despite the support of her husband, Ed, and their wonderful children, Jen can’t comprehend why she is still here, while bright, spirited Kerry is not.

When Jen starts to lose herself in her memories of her sister, she doesn’t realise that the closer she feels to Kerry, the further she gets from her family.

Jen was never able to say goodbye to her sister.

But what if she could?

Would you risk everything if you had the chance to say goodbye?

My review

The reader meets Jennifer who has a wonderful life with her husband Ed and their two children Hailey and Oscar. She has a great relationship with her adopted parents and their daughter Kerry. Jennifer and Kerry are inseparable and are very close even though they are so very different. Kerry is the adventure and risk taker and Jennifer is the safe and dependable.

So when tragedy Kerry get’s killed in an accident while saving her adopted sister; all their worlds come crashing down with grief.

Jennifer struggles with her grief; blaming herself for Kerry not being around any more. But then she believes that she can see and speak to Kerry still; much to the concern to her husband Ed. Jennifer’s odd behaviour doesn’t go un-noticed by her two worried children; who don’t understand why their mummy is being like this.

Can Ed and her family get the help Jennifer desperately needs? Will they be able to get her to see what’s happening? Can Jennifer let her sister go and get on with her life?

If I Could Say Goodbye by Emma Cooper is such an emotional read (I went through a box of tissues!!!) I think its a very relatable book to everyone who has ever lost a loved one, it certainly resonated with me for sure. Emma has written it in such a very beautifully way for such an emotional story. It’s a story that has stayed with me long after I’d finished reading it. I really connected with all the characters in the book for their individual grief ( it’s petty hard not to!) Emma has really captured each characters grief perfectly!

I really can’t recommend this book enough! I do however recommend that you have a box of tissues to hand because you will need them.

Marie’s Book Boutique gives

If I could Say Goodbye by Emma Cooper

An emotional 5 sparkly stars

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