Book Review On: 337 by M Jonathan Lee

About the author (as seen in the book)

M Jonathan Lee was born in Yorkshire, England where he still lives to this day with his two children. He regularly dreams of writing an album, and wakes to realise that he can’t sing nor play an instruments.

His first novel, The Radio was nationally shortlisted in the Novel Prize 2012. 337 is his sixth novel.


Publication Date: 30th November 2020

Publisher: Hideaway Fall

ISBN: Hardback; Only available at UK booksellers.

Paperback: 978-0995492356

Also available in Ebook format.

Pages: 384 pages

Genre: Thriller/ Fiction

Format reading: Hardback

Copy provided by: Gifted by publishers

Blurb (as seen on amazon)

337 follows the life of Samuel Darte whose mother vanished when he was in his teens.

It was his brother, Tom who found her wedding ring on the kitchen table along with the note. While their father pays the price of his mother s disappearance, Sam learns that his long-estranged Gramma is living out her last days in a nursing home nearby.

Keen to learn about what really happened that day and realising the importance of how little time there is, he visits her to finally get the truth. Soon it’ll be too late and the family secrets will be lost forever. Reduced to ashes. But in a story like this, nothing is as it seems.

My Review:

Firstly I would very much like to thank the lovely team at Hidaway Fall for kindly asking me to read and review M Jonathan Lee’s next novel 337 and for kindly gifting me a copy.

Ever since I read Drift Stumble Fall. Review on: Drift Stumble Fall by M. Jonathan Lee I was hooked on his unique writing style and his characters feel so real!!!!! So of course I would be beyond excited to read M Jonathan Lee’s sixth novel!!!!!

In 337 the reader meets Sam; who’s mother dissapeared when he was a teenager, leaving in and his younger brother Tom with their father. Throwing the whole family life into turmoil and full of wondering! This also leads to a train of events which surely follows.

Sam is now a man and lives on his own in the family home, with minimal contact with his family and non with his Gramma. Working from home and living with the dream of his mother. Sam get’s a call from his father asking him to visit his Gramma who is the last stages of her life, bring all the old memories and feelings flooding back. He decides to go even though they haven’t spoken to each other in years as this might be his last chance to find out the truth about his mother. Sam has to contact his brother Tom who is more likely to be drunk or drug induced, about the news of his Gramma and try persuade him to visit. But Tom isn’t aware of his contact with their father! Will he get the answers he is has been searching for for years? Was everything Sam remembers how it really was? Can he persuade his brother to visit their Gramma in time? Was everything that happened as it seemed? Where is Sam and Tom’s father? Can Sam find out the truth on his mothers disappearance?

337 by M Jonathan Lee is simply fantastic! So much so I read it twice!!!! Not only is it a book with two covers; which you flip over and read from the back when you get to the end; which is unique in it’s self! (Please note the double- ended, upside down opening for this book is available in books ordered in hardback from UK booksellers Only)

The storyline and plot of 337 is so very good which of course kept me turning the pages to find out more of what happened to this broken family. The characters are seem so real you could almost touch them, and were so complex and interesting.

There are many interesting issue raised in 337 of mental heath and how a family tragedy can change the whole family’s life’s in a way nobody could have imagined. M Jonathan Lee is such a talented writer and I think this is his best work yet and should win some kind of award!!!!!! I love how the title of the book if you flip the cover upside down spells out Lee!!

I highly recommend 337 by M Jonathan Lee its really a fantastic book!!!!!

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337 by M Jonathan Lee

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