Blog Tour Book Review On: Triple Jeopardy by Christopher Lowery

About the author (as seen in the book)

Christopher Lowery is a Geordie, born in the north east of England, who graduated in Finance and economics after reluctantly giving up career choice in professional golf and rock and roll. He is a real estate and telecoms entreprenaur and has created several successful companies around the world.

Chris was inspired to write his debut novel, The Angolan Clan, after the Revolution of the Carnations forced him to flee Portugal in 1975 with his family. He followed The Angolan Clan with two further titles in the African Diamands thriller trilogy- The Rwandan Hostage and The Dark web.

In 2018, Chris published The Mosul Legacy, an intelligent, gripping and moving international thriller that focused not simply on a compelling manhunt for a terrorist, but the terrible human consequences of modern conflict.

Triple Jeopardy is his fifth thrilling novel and reunites readers with characters and themes first explored in the bestselling Diamonds trilogy.

He and his wife live between Geneva and Marbella.

Publication date: 18th February 2021

Publisher: Urbane Publications

ISBN: Paperback 9781912666959

Pages: 488 pages

Genre: Thriller

Format reading: advanced proof paperback

Copy provided by: Publisher

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

A mysterious batch of diamonds that has lain undisturbed for almost a half century, reappears to be sold at public auctions in Switzerland. But what is the true provenance of these priceless jewels, and who is behind their discovery and sale?

Jenny Bishop believes they are notorious blood diamands with a legacy of deceit, corruption and murder, and is drawn into a web of intrigue and threat as she tries to unravel a fraud that threatens everything she knows and loves.

My Review

A massive thank you to the lady’s at Love Books Tours for organising a wonderful blog tour and to the publishers Urbane for kindly gifting me a copy to read and review for my stop on the blog tour here today.

Having never read any of Christopher Lowery’s books before and only read the blurb on Triple Jeopardy I was full of expectations.

In the book a number of safety deposit boxes disappear; one of which house’s a batch of blood diamonds; which have a dark origins. The box belongs to Jenny Bishop who has kept them hidden until now. Now the diamonds are in the hands of a woman who has crossed Jenny path before and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, letting no one get in the way. The diamonds are now coming up for sale in an auction in Switzerland. When Jenny finds out the box has gone missing she makes it her mission to find out who is behind all this; which pulls her into a dark world of lies, corruption and life’s loosed. She will stop at nothing to keep her family safe.

In the first few chapters of Triple Jeopardy it took me a bit to get into Christopher’s writing style, but when I did there was no stopping me! The amount of twists and turns in the story kept me turning the pages just to find out more. The story has lots of grit, murder, mystery everything you need for a good thriller. I also found Christopher’s description was great because it allowed me the reader to visualise the settings and characters. I really liked Jenny and found I was gunning for her to come out of everything ok. I don’t think it mattered that I haven’t read the other books which feature these characters because Christopher kind of fills you on on the bits you need to know.

All in all a good, entertaining and thrilling thriller!

Marie’s Book Boutique gives

Triple Jeopardy by Christopher Lowery

4 Sparkly stars

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