Book Review On: Honest Secrets by Muna Shehadi

About the author (as seen in the book)

Muna Shehadi’s life long love of reading inspired her to become a writer. She got her start in romance but is excited to be making her debut now in women’s fiction.

Muna grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, lives in Wisconsin, and has a much-loved summer place on the beautiful coast of Maine, all of which she couldn’t resist featuring in her Fortune’s Daughters Trilogy.






Publication date: 4th February 2021

Publisher: Headline

ISBN: Paperback 978-1472258755

Also available in Ebook

Pages: 364 pages

Genre: Family Sagas/ women’s fiction

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Amazon Vine

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Olivia Croft’s life is at a crossroads. After yet another fruitless audition and the cancellation of her TV show, Crofty Cooks, she’s left with the hope that she and her husband Derek will finally conceive the child she craves- and that she’ll be able to forget the recent revelation that her late mother, the famous movie star Jillian Croft, did not give birth to her or her two sisters.

But her world only collapses further when she uncovers the cruel secret Derek has kept throughout their eight-year marriage. Unable to forgive his betrayal, Olivia flees LA for the coast of Main, a place which holds happy memories of her childhood and her beloved mother.

Coping with the loss of her career, her husband and her dreams, Olivia finds herself drawn to Duncan, a kindred spirit whose life has been equally shattered. But before Olivia can embrace a brand new future, she will have to come to terms with the past and face a final truth about her mother, one she never could have imagined.

My Review

I would like to thank Amazon Vine for kindly allowing me to read , review and for providing me with a copy Honest Secrets by Muna Shehadi.

Honest Secrets is the Third book in The Fortune’s Daughters Trilogy; where the reader follow three sisters on their journey to finding out who they are, and along the way the find secrets of their family!

In this instalment the reader get’s to spend time with Olivia Croft; a famous chef who has her own TV show, a loving and supportive husband and she craves to become a mother only it just hasn’t happened yet.

Suddenly Olivia find herself at a life junction after her career goes down the pan along with a shocking discovery of a secret that her husband has been keeping from her. On top of that she has the knowledge; she’s been trying to forget that Jillian Croft isn’t her birth mother and she has no clue who her biological mother is.

As her world is crumbling Olivia is sent to her stepmothers brothers and wife in Maine to lick her wounds and to decide where her life is going. Maine holds special memories of time spent with Jillian and is a place she feels she can take time out of her life in LA. While there she suddenly receives on of Jillian’s diary’s; which she knows her sisters was sent one leading them to know more about the infamous Jillian and leads them to their birthmother. But who sent it?

Olivia meets Decan who lives in the boat house with his son; he is going through his own struggles. Decan has made a judgement on who he thinks Olivia is and what going on in her life, until her learns more about her here is Maine and begins to soften. But what will become of their friendship? What will Olivia learn about Jillian’s condition; in not being able to carry a baby? Will Olivia’s out look change to how she was before? Who is her biological mother?

Honest Secrets by Muna Shehadi is a story full of mystery, romance with a bit of drama thrown in! I have to say after I read book two in this trilogy ( Book Review on: Hidden Truths by Muna Shehadi ) I felt that Olivia story was going to be an interesting one and it was!!!! Muna has dealt with the gender issues raised in the story in a delicate way: which really made me think and understand a bit more on this. I like Muna’s writing style, it felt gentle.

As I said in my review of Hidden Truths, I still have book one to read; and I don’t think it really matters that I haven’t read it because each book focuses on on of the three sisters. A great series!

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