Amazon Prime Reading

Today’s blog post is all about Amazon Prime Reading; which is on of the benefit’s of purchasing Amazon Prime membership and I thought would make an interesting blog post.

What is Amazon Prime Reading?

Amazon Prime Reading is included in the Prime membership and is where you can borrow a wide range of eBooks and magazines; which can be read on a kindle, mobile device or laptop through the Amazon Kindle App. The total limit of book you can borrow a one time is 10; which I think is pretty far. Once you’ve read them, they can be returned through your Prime Reading Library on through your browser (account) ( making sure your WIFI is turned on, on your device so the book can be retrieved.) And then you can choose another.

My thoughts:

I have to be honest I’d had Amazon Prime a while before finding out about Prime Reading; which I’m kicking myself for because I could have read so many more eBooks!!! I think that this is an amazing benefit because A) I’m not buying so many books; so I’m saving money! and B) I’m getting to read eBooks that are books I wanted to read anyway, plus I’m not clogging up my Kindle with lots of eBooks as they are being returned . Though I’m paying for my Prime membership I’m reading so many borrowed eBooks that to me I see it as free reading, and what’s not to like about that!!!! As long as I have Amazon Prime membership I will be continuing to use this benefit because its simply great.

Do you use Amazon Prime Reading? If so what have you been reading? Do you think Prime Reading is a good benefit of Prime Membership?

As always I’d love to hear you thoughts!

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