Reading On A Budget

As the cost of living rises and we all have to start making savings were we can, books I suppose are a bit of a luxury item (not that I want to say that of course!). This got me thinking about reading on a budget and what’s out there to facilitate this. Lets face it we all love a good bargain or getting a freebie!

Lets explore what’s out there to help us read on a budget:

  • Borrowing or swapping books with family, friends or work colleague’s
  • Use a Little Free Library in your local area. These are often little stand’s/boxes outside peoples homes, where you can leave a book and borrow a book, there is no obligation though to leave a book. The website has a world map on there with registered Little Free Library’s so you can find one in your area. Also if you use your google for free library’s in your area, you might find other free libraries. I have a few near me some are old un-used phone boxes been turned into free libraries.
  • If your an Amazon Prime Membership, then you will have access to Amazon Prime Reading. I wrote a blog post about this Amazon Prime Reading
  • Charity shops. They always have an abundance of second hand book for a very good price. This is a win win, not only are you helping a charity but you get a bargain book too.
  • Free Ebooks on you chosen reading device. Often there are free Ebooks, so search free books on your reading device and they should pop up.
  • Table top sales, charity fates and school fates are a great way to source cheap second hand books.
  • Facebook Market Place- is a great way to find people in your local area selling or giving away second hand books.
  • Amazon, often have new books on offer for a few pounds, so keep your eyes out for those. As well as new books there are second hand options.
  • Second hand websites like Ebay, Music Magpie, World Of Books, Vinted are to name but a few.
  • Sign up to your local library, which I do believe that its free to do so. Then you can borrow books to read for a period of time then return them when you’ve read them. If you can’t read a book in the time period you can re-new books, if there not re-new’d then you will get charged.
  • The Works- is a shop in the UK (not sure if you have it anywhere else in the world) selling new book at really good prices and they always have a three books for £6 deal on.

As you can see there are so many options out there where sourcing books on a budget.

I’ve personally been reading on a budget for a bit now, so I know its possible. Although since I did research for this blog post I have discovered a few more options out there, which is great!!! I also love buying new books and second hand so having options for both is a bonus to me.

I really hope this blog post has given you some idea’s to keep you reading.

If you have any thoughts about reading on a budget I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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