About Me!


Hi my lovely readers,


Let me start by introducing myself I’m Marie and in my mid 30’s, living in the Norfolk countryside in the UK. I love nothing better than a nice cuppa tea and a book to read. I also enjoy a spot of creative writing in the hope to prefect this wonderful craft, that writing surly is. So I would think its safe to say that anything bookish and writing related is fair game!!! I suppose you might call me a bibliophile as any spare given moment I can always be found with either a book or a pen and note-book in my hand.

Growing up book have always been around me with both my mother and grandparents being readers themselves. But even though that was so reading never came easy to me; as a child I struggled not just with reading but spelling, writing etc. ( due to me being dyslexic) Now though as an adult I adapt myself where I need too, it may take me a bit longer but Hay Ho and all that!!!!!

Books, writing and reviewing books are a part of my life anyway so blogging seems like the natural progression. To be honest with you guy’s I’ve been thinking about it for a while now; so I’ve decided to shop procrastinating and go for it! I really hope you all enjoy my blog as much as I will writing it!

So that’s me my lovely!

Welcome to Marie’s Book Boutique!