Contact and review policy

At the moment I’m reading my own or borrowed book’s and reviewing them. I’m however open for book requests from any authors’, publishers or publicists’. The genres that appeal to me are:


*Contemporary fiction

*Women’s fiction

*Crime thriller

They can either be in book or digital eBook format. As I mentioned in About me page I’m dyslexic so it could take me a little longer than other readers, however I will aim to review anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks: I will defiantly do my jolly best!!

I will not only be posting my review’s on my blog but also on Amazon, Goodreads, Netgally (where applicable) and finally I will share my review on twitter and Instagram. My review’s will be rated using lovely sparkly  stars which will be out of a possible 5.

If you wish to contact me please do, I would love to hear from you lovely people! please fill out the form below:

If your an author, publisher or publicist please could you add the following information:

*The title of the book and author


*Genre and approx. number of pages

*The format (paperback or eBook)

*Publication date

and finally

*The time frame you wish me to read and review