I’m Sure My Cat’s Love Books Too!!

Hi booklovers,

In today’s post I’m introducing to you all to mine and my partners two fur babies. Before I get into bookish part of this post, let me first tell you a bit about them!

They are both indoor cat’s and are both sisters from the same litter. Their cat mum is our friends cat and we were actually there when they were born; which was pretty dam special. They are 14 years old; so really quite old in cat years, not that you would know they are elderly sometimes the way they act!

IMG_1660Meet Smokey (not an original name I know!) She is the mischievous one out of the two and is always getting in places and thing’s she shouldn’t be. Smokey has this thing about following me and my partner everywhere (when she’s not sleeping), I sometimes think we should have named her shadow!!!!!! She hates her belly being rubbed (we have the scratches to prove it!!!!!!!)

img_1260.jpgMeet Patch (see told you they weren’t original names!!!)She is the more chilled and laziest of the two. She loves getting all cozy and snuggly and loves nothing better than a belly rub!



Let’s now get into the bookish side of the post, after all it is a book blog!


As you can see whether it’s a book or my kindle; she loves laying her head on them as if it’s a pillow! (they must be comfortable then!!) If you fancy it check my reviews for Five Years From Now by Paige Toon

and  Awake Under The Night Sky by Vanya Sharma




Now this particular photo, I’m going to set the scene for you… ready?!

Ok, so I’m sitting on the couch having a lovely old reading session, with Patch sleeping beside me as usual. I get thirsty so place my book down, like you can see in the photo and got up to make a drink. When I returned, I found her like this… and of course I knew my reading session was over because I didn’t have the heart to move her. ( One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond




I know this one isn’t a book, but a notebook but I wanted to add it in! She actually got in that position all by her self and stayed like that for ages!!!!





I could only find this one of Smokey cuddling up to a book. However She does have this little ritual before she comes to settle on our bed at night. I have a stack of books on my bedside table and before she comes to bed she has to fuss them about three or four times, then she comes to bed!!!

I Left My Tent In San Francisco by Emma Kennedy





Well that’s our fur babies loving books, just as much as I do!!!!! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it!

Do You have pets that lay on books? or fuss up against them? or do they like to be close by while you read? I would love to hear about them!

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Book Review On: Isabella by Cristina Hodgson



About the author (as seen in the Ebook)

cristina HodgsonCristina Hodgson, mother of two born in Wimbledon, London, currently lives in Southern Spain. Cristina had a long career in sport, reaching national and International level, and still actively participates in Triathlon races and enjoys outdoor activities. In her spare time she also enjoys reading and writing. She won a sports scholorshp to Boston College. After a period in Boston, she returned to the UK and graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in sports Science.

Isabella forms part of the Chantelle Rose Series. Amazingly, it’s a romantic comedy series that has nothing to do with running.





Publication date: 22nd September 2018

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: Paperback- 978-1723934315

Also available in Ebook format.

Pages: Ebook- 184 pages and Paperback- 250 pages

Genre: Romance/ Cosy Mystery

Format reading: ARC Ebook

Copy provided by: Author

Blurb (as seen on Amazon)

Who is Isabella Gravachi, and what’s the mystery behind the trail of heartbreak left in her wake?

Having lost her mother as a child, Chantelle is desperate to trace this side of her family and confront the ghosts of her mother’s past. So when a surprise invitation arrives, promising to take her to the place that holds the secrets to both Isabella’s past and Chantelle’s future, she doesn’t hesitate.

But unravelling this Sicilian mystery that’s been locked away for centuries, under the guard of looming Mount Etna, will test Chantelle in ways she never imagined.

As new love challenges old, and bonds are formed and broken, will Chantelle’s quest for the truth destroy everyone she loves or will it bring her peace at last?

My Review

Thank you to the lovely Cristina Hodgson for asking me to read the final instalment to the Chantelle Rose series and for providing me with an Ebook to read and give an honest book review. I can’t tell you how excited I was to go back to Chantelle’s journey to find out more about her family.

I have read the two prior books to Isabella which you can check out my review’s here  A Little of Chantelle Rose

and  Valentina

isabella by cristina hodgsonI have to say I adore the mysterious feel to Cristina’s book covers, and Isabella is no exception! From the black backing that gradually goes to a chocolatey brown colour when you come to the lady holding a gold mask over her eye’s. She is wearing her hair up with spiral curls flowing down the side of her face, she wears bold red lipstick, dangle earrings and you can see she has a necklace on. The white font used for the title and authors name works great with the backing, drawing your eyes to the cover.

As I said earlier I’ve read book one and two and I have been eagerly awaiting to read the final book! Cristina brings the reader up to date with a bit of a refresher at the beginning; which draws the reader back in to Chantelle’s work and entices you to read on to find out what happens in this book.

Chantelle lives with her partner Robbie and their young daughter who keep’s them on their toes, soaking up words she hears like theirs no tomorrow. Chantelle is still so desperate to find out more about her deceased mother; Isabella that she never got to know. So when she receives and unexpected wedding invitation to one of her family members in Italy; her mother’s home town; she can’t believe her luck. Exciting by the prospect of her family meeting her Italian family; only the wedding date co-insides, with Robbie’s planned horse Trials. Robbie is pretty adamant that they can’t possibly go as a family or on her own with their daughter right now, but can visit after the Trials are over. Chantelle isn’t happy with that so when Vivian (Robbie’s twin brother’s Lionel girlfriend) unexpectedly come to visit and roping in her best friend to go to Italy with her.  What’s going on with Vivian and Lionel? Are they ok? What will Chantelle find out about her mother? How will the past encroach on her reality? Will she get carried away? Will Chantelle find out more than she bargained for about her family as past meets present? How is Robbie going to react about her visit to a family she doesn’t know without him? Will he be happy with her decision? Is she in any danger?

Isabella is the last in the Chantelle Rose trilogy and is a truly eventful and mysterious read. As I said in my prior review’s of the other books, book one had such an excitement about it that I didn’t feel the second book had; however Cristina has certainly brought the excitement back in this one! Cristina gives the reader the right amount of the past and the present to keep the reader wanting to read on, add that to the mystery and Chantelle’s silliness and you have a corker of a book. I adored Chantelle’s daughter and she gave me lots of laughs as well as her mother!!! All the characters are individual, and it was nice to meet new one’s and be re-acquainted with original ones. I whole heartedly recommend not just Isabella but all three, you won’t be disappointed and will be entertained through out!!!!!

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Book Review On: Nice Work (If You Can Get It) by Celia Imrie



About the author (as seen in the book)

celia ImrieCelia Imrie is an Olivier Award-winning and Screen Actors Guild-nominated actress. She is best known for her film roles in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Calendar Girls, and Nanny McPhee. On stage, she won Best Actress in a musical for Acorn Antiques: The Musial and was nominated for Best Actress in Noises Off. Celia Imrie’s most recent films are A Cure For Wellness, Year by the sea, Bridget Jone’s Baby and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. Her autobiography, The Happy Hoofer, Was published in 2011, and her acclaimed Sunday Times bestselling first novel, Not Quite Nice, was published by Bloomsbury in 2015.


Publication date: Paperback-23rd February 2017 Hardback and Ebook- 1st March 2016

Publisher: Bloomsbury

ISBN: Hardback- 978-1-4088-7690-9

Paperback- 978-1-4088-7694-7

Ebook- 978-1-4088-7692-3

Also available in Audiobook and Audio CD

Pages: 400pages (For hardcover, paperback and Ebook)

Genre: Fiction/Humour

Copy provide by: Borrowed

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Tucked between glitzy Monte Carlo and the read carpets of the Cannes, Bellevue-Sur-Mer seems like the perfect place for an enterprising band of inhabitants to open a restaurant. Happily exiled from demanding families, they have found peace and Provencal cooking in the cobbled streets and azure vistas of their new home. But all is not as rosy as it seems, for it soon becomes clear that someone is trying to sabotage their project.

Meanwhile, the Cannes Film Festival is in full swing. Celebrities are flying in, luxury yachts are arriving. As the excitement spills over Bellevue-Sur-Mar, the residents realise they are embroiled in something much murkier than they could have imagined- and the race is on to get the restaurant open in time…

My Review

Nice work if you can get it by celia Imrie

The front cover for Nice Work (If You Can Get It) is coloured in a lovely welcoming sunshine yellow, with a row of Shop’s, boutiques and restaurants adorn with pink shutters, window boxes with blooming flowers. Charis and tables nasal the front of the restaurant with a couple of potted tree’s; perfect for al fresco eating! A lady carrying a bag full of grocery’s is waking up to the restaurant front. The title is coloured in black which is bold against the yellow background, and Celia’s name is in a pink; which ties in with the shutters and blooming flowers in the window boxes. I really like this cover a lot indeed!

I read Celia’s last book  Not Quite Nice  

last year, and really liked her gentle writing style, so was excited to read her next book.

Bellevue-Sur-Mer is situated on the South East cost of France home to British and American expatriates retired people wanting to gain some much-needed space from their very demanding families. It’s a sleepy village full of cafe’s, bars restaurants, boutiques and sandy beaches.

Theresa, William and his younger partner Benjamin, ex-dolly bird Zoe, ex-celebrity Sally and American Carol all live relatively near each other striking up friendships and they could all do with an injection of cash, to keep them ticking over.

William and Benjamin and Carol come up with an idea to open up a restaurant together; each utilising their own skills to make the business work. Planning to have it ready in time for the up and coming Cannes Film Festival. They put it to the group only Sally pull’s out, Theresa has concerns and because of that William and Benjamin pull out; only Carol has singed a lease with the owner’s family; who’s just inherited the building.

Theresa feel’s bad and decides to stick with Carol and try to make the restaurant work, with this William and Benjamin come back on board. Each of them takes their role’s very seriously as they get all the relevant legal thing’s sorted, decorating, sorting menus, sorting ingredients and many other thing’s. Then amongst this some of their families come to visit! There are a few strange goings on at the restaurant which plans to disrupt their plans to open? But why? and Who? Will they get it open on time? Is their deal with the newly acquired building owner to good to be true? What will their families think?

While the others are working on their business venture Sally get’s a job offer for the day helping her scuba diver instructor Jean-Philippe drive a boat for a very rich influence  handsome Russian; who catches her eye, asking her out! Mean while her celeb friend Jackie makes an unplanned visit to stay with so she can attend the Film Festival.  Is Sally’s new romance everything it seems? Is Mr Handsome who he say’s he is? Is there an different reason for him getting involved with Sally or is he genuine? Is Jackie up to something? Why the sudden visit?

Nice Work (If You Can Get It) is a stand alone but does follow Not Quite Nice. In my opinion I think it would help to read them in order simply because you get to understand the character a bit more and their journey so far. I loved re-visiting these eclectic and unique characters, and meeting new ones. This story is full of funny moments, twists and turns, mystery and much more. I enjoyed the gentle pace and the way Celia’s writing flows with such ease and the way the story panned out! The story is sectioned in six parts and at the beginning of them there is a delicious recipes which is a lovely touch!

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                                      Nice Work (If You Can Get It) by Celia Imrie

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Why I Read Different Genre’s



Hello fellow bookworms,

In today’s post I’m talking about why I personally choose to read different genre’s. Now reading different genre’s isn’t for everyone, I get that and there is nothing wrong with sticking to one particular genre.

But for me personally, when I look back at my reading journal, I can see this is something I’ve always done. It’s also something I can’t imagine not doing to be honest. Don’t get me wrong there are certainly time’s when I have a binge on a particular genre; which I suppose all depends what kind of mood I in. For example if I’m having a hard time I like to read something light and not to heavy, if I’m feeling ok I don’t mind something like a crime thriller.

As a rule I quite enjoy mixing my reading up a bit, call it broadening my reading horizons if you will! I feel that I get so much from doing this in general like; learning new words (always love adding a new word to my vocabulary!!!!),  understanding different job role’s, encountering country’s all over the world or experiencing a wide range of emotions along with the characters and much more besides!

There are some genre’s that really don’t interest me, I mean you can’t like everything right?

Here’s a list of genre’s I tend to read:

*Romantic/Comedy/Chick Lit

*Contemporary Romance/Fiction

*Writing References



*Mental Health


*Fantasy (at a push!)

Reading different genre’s has defiantly enriched my reading journey and I hope will continue to do so!

Do you stick to one genre? Or Do you mix it up a bit? What are you reasons? As always my lovely’s I adore reading your comments and interacting with you! 

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Bookish And Writing Gifts I got for my Birthday


birthdayHi lovely folk,

This week it was my birthday! I had the best day and got spoiled rotten by my loved ones. Some of my gifts range from yummy chocolate, sweets, pampering toiletries, books, stationary and much more. (People know me so well!!!!! ‘These are a few of my favourite things!’)

And as it’s a bookish blog I thought I would show you some of those goodies!!!!

IMG_3554As any booklover can testify book’s as gifts are the best! I got:

*Anatomy Of A Scandal by Sarah Vaughan (Which I’m currently reading, and boy is it gripping!)


*The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris (will need a tissue or two when I’m reading, as it’s going to be an emotional read I think!)

Both of these books are on my wish list, I’ve been itching to get my hands on these because I’ve been reading so many good things about them.

IMG_3557 Now for the stationary side of my gifts: ( a blogger can never have enough notebooks and pen’s in my eye’s!!!!)

*A 2019 dairy; the cover is covered in silver glitter and covered in cactuses and cute little palm trees.

*An A4 size notebook which has dividers and each section has different paper in it.( lined, squared, dotted and plain paper) I love the quote on the front ‘Stay Focused and Never Give Up!’ which will keep me motivated I think!!!

*An A5 sided notebook which is covered in sequins, so when you brush your hand across it flips colour. I have to say there is something quite calming about doing this and have already wasted to much time making patterns on it! Such a child at heart!!!!!!!!!!!

*Another A5 sided journal; full of blank pages for me to fill and some of the pages have friendship quotes on them! How adorable is this! I did cry when I opened this thoughtful gift!

*And last but not least there are pen’s! Another thing any writer and blogger can’t do without! I’m always running out of pen’s probably because I write a lot hay?!?!?

So that’s all bookish and stationary gifts I got. I feel I have been extremely lucky and very loved by those around me, so a massive thank-you to those wonderful and kind people!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed having a gander at these goodies! And thank you for stopping by!

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Book Review On: The Pocket Muse: Ideas and Inspirations For Writing by Monica Wood



About the author (as seen in the book)

monica wood photoMonica Wood is the author of three novels, Any Bitter Thing (Chronicle, 2005), My Only Story (Chronicle, 2000; Ballantine, 2001) and Secret Language (Faber and Faber, 1993; Ballantine, 2002), and a book of connected short stories entitled Ernie’s Ark (Chronicle, 2002; Ballantine, 2003). She is also the author of Description, from the Writer’s Digest Elements of Fiction Series, and several guides to contemporary literature in the high school classroom. Her short stories have been widely published and anthologized.

Website: http://www.monicawood.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/80719.Monica_Wood

Publication date: 24th September 2004

Publisher: Writer’s Digest


ISBN: Paperback 978-1-58297-322-7

Pages: 224 pages

Genre: Writing Reference

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: My own

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

The Pocket Muse is your key to finding inspiration when and where you want it. With hundreds of thought- provoking prompts, exercises, and illustrations, you’ll immediately:

*get started writing

*overcome writer’s BLOCK

*develop a writing habit

*think more creatively

*master style, revisions and other elements of the craft.

The rich variety of exercises inside will help you to create stories, focus on your writing craft, and encourage you to think about how and why you write in new and surprising ways.

A truly unique book, The Pocket Muse is fun and effective. It will teach you, cheer you and inspire you to write as never before.

My Review

the pocket muse

This little book’s front cover reminds me of the old plain note book’s you used to get. With the thick black line covering the spine of the book. The rest of the cover is coloured in a darkish green. The title is in what look’s like those name tag’s on draws you used to get at the library years ago when looking for a book to find its location in the room. Then there is a photo with a guy facing forward holding up a card which has the rest of the title in it. You can see blurred out buildings in the background of the photo. I think books like these need simple covers because they are a reference and a practical book.

The pocket Muse by Monica Wood is a book that I acquired when I took a home creative writing course, I did a few years ago. And what a help it has been since then! It’s a book full to the brim with prompts, inspiration, pictures, quotes, tip’s and many exercises to really get your creative juices flowing. Monica has compiled this book wonderfully, in a very relaxed and easy to read manner; which is perfect for flicking through and pick out what the writer need’s at that time.




For me this little book has given me so much help in my writing and I found the exercises invaluable to really get my creative head on! This little book is one that never far away from me when I’m writing. It’s easy just to pick up whenever I find the need for that spark of inspiration. I have also found the illustrations helpful giving me ideas in which to work on and develop.

Would I recommend this book to budding writers? YES I would! It such a useful tool to have by your side!

                                                        Marie’s Book Boutique gives

              The Pocket Muse: Ideas and Inspiration For Writing by Monica Wood

                                                                   5 Sparkly Stars



Book Review On: Inspiration and Motivation for Writers by Chloe Henderson



About the author (as seen on Amazon)

Chloe Henderson has a life long obsession with books and all things literary. When she’s not busy reading she tends to her garden at home in West Sussex.

Publication date: 14th May 2015

Publisher: Summersdale


ISBN: Paperback 978-1-84953-704-9

Also available in Ebook format

Pages: 128 pages

Genre: Writing Reference

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: this book was a gift

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)


This colourful little book of uplifting quotes and tailored tips delivers motivational sparks and creative signposts for writers.

Read it, write on it, Put it in a frame on your desk- whatever you do with it, the aim is simple: to get you writing!

My Review

Insperation and motivation for writersThe front cover for this little book is perfectly simple. It reminds me of a notebook with the red block of colour  with a black edge round the spine. The title and author’s name is nice and clear.

So this little pocket-size little book was brought to me as a gift for my birthday a few years ago. I was so pleased when I opened it, and was eager to have a read.

This is a book that I keep very handy when ever I’m writing. It’s handy when you need a little motivation or inspiration and is something that has certainly helped me when I’m struggling.

Each page is simple but clear and easy to read, some have little illustrations on which is quite cute. The book is filled full of motivation and thing’s to inspire your writing mind. There are even quote from writers such as Andrew Motion, J.K.Rowling and Esther Freud to name but a few.


I adore this little book and I’m always using it to refer back too. I think this is a lovely little book for writers everywhere and highly recommend it!

                                                       Marie’s Book Boutique gives

                     Inspiration and Motivation for Writers by Chloe Henderson

                                                          A Superb 5 Sparkly Stars

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