Blog Tour: Book Review on: One? by Jennifer L Cahill


About the author ( provided by Authoright)


Living in Notting Hill, Jennifer L Cahill works with both individuals and blue chip clients to help them navigate and master change and transformation. She has over seventeen years’ experience in consulting specialising in change, communications, business transformation and personal development. She has a graduate degree in International Commerce and Spanish and a Masters in Business Studies. In her spare time she loves embracing her more creative side.









Publication date: 21st June 2018

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

ISBN: Paperback 978-1912562152

eBook 978-1-912562-16-9

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:

Pages: 356 pages

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Format reading: eBook

Copy provided by: Authoright- Faye

Blurb (as provide by Authoright)

It’s London in the mid-noughties before Facebook, iPhones and ubiquitous wifi, and One? follows the highs and lows of a group of twenty-somethings living in leafy SW4.

Zara has just moved to London for her first real job and struggles to find her feet in a big city with no instruction manual.

Penelope works night and day in an investment bank with little or no time for love. At 28 she is positively ancient as far as her mother is concerned and the pressure is on for her to settle down as the big 3-0 is looming.

Charlie spends night and day with his band who are constantly teetering on the verge of greatness.

Richard has relocated to London from his castle in Scotland in search of the one, and Alyx is barely in one place long enough to hold down a relationship let alone think about the future.

My Review

A massive thank you to Faye from Authoright for not only asking me to take part in this wonderful blog tour, but for also providing me with the eBook to read and provided my honest review here today. I was extremely intrigued to jump right in, as the blurb really appealed to me.( Plus you know what I’m like for discovering a new author!!!)

thumbnail_OneCoverI must be completely honest I really like this front cover a lot! It shows the map of London with the river Teems running through the city’s map. Two red siloets a gentleman and a lady, looking like they are gazing lovingly at each out. The map reminds me of the intro to the UK TV soap; EastEnders. I like it, and can feel the romantic vibes!!!

One? by Jennifer Cahill is a story set in the mid- 90’s in London and tells a story of people searching for the ONE!

Penelope, is an investment banker in the city and looking for a place to live. She bump’s in to one of her old Uni mates, Charlie now a musician and also looking for somewhere to share. When 72a Abbeville road becomes available, they view it with the agent and agree this should be their new home. However on moving day comes and there seems to be some confusion, as Zara who has just moved to London and has been let 72a by the owner. The owner a friend to Zara’s family, suggests they all share, as there’s plenty of room,to which they all agree. Only leaving one room left to find a new housemate.

Zara is completely overwhelmed by everything coming from a small town and now finding her self in the big smoke. Not only does she have to contend with moving to somewhere strange, missing her friends and family, having new housemates she doesn’t know and looking for work and starting a new job. Her family and friends are so proud of her for moving there thinking she is a high-flying career woman, she feel’s she can’t tell them the truth. Penelope can see that Zara is struggling and her and Georgie take her under their wing Will she be able to deal with it all? How will she get on with the new housemates? Will she find work? Can Zara find her own the One? How will she cope with finding and agreeing on the new housemate?

Penelope is looking for the One but is so fed-up with the dull men, she seems to be attracting. She has a good friend Georgie who is pared off  is a great support to her, she’s always there on the end of the phone when date inevitably go wrong. Penelope, works long working hours, which don’t go unnoticed by her boss. Then she meets Alyx, who she has a strong connection, but not really having time to build on anything because he always away with work. Then Richard another old Uni friend pop’s up on the scene and offers her the world!!! But what will she do? Does she really feel something for Richard? What will happen to her Career? Will Penelope find her One? How will Penelope cope searching and agreeing on a new housemate?

Charlie’s job as a musician, mean’s he isn’t really there when the girls are as he works most nights with his band. Being a bit of a lady’s man, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Penelope and Zara. But when they are all together they have a lot of laughs. Does he really like being a lady’s man? who will Charlie what to be the new housemate?

I have to say guys this book was so interesting and very entertaining to read. Being set in the mid-90’s before Facebook and dating app’s, it was really interesting to see how hard dating was in London in that time. You certainly had to be a social butterfly to find the One!!!! I fell in love with all the characters in this story; especially the way Penelope and Georgie take Zara under their wings teaching her important things when helping her to settle in, which was so sweet. I laughed a lot through out this story, but there are sad times especially when it comes to Zara struggling with living London and it was good to see how she grows through the book.

One? is a story all about taking chances and by having chance meetings could mean you could have found the One!!!!! And friendships that will last a life time!

I thoughly enjoyed the way Jennifer wrote, it was an absolute  joy to read. She gives clear images of the characters and their personalities shine through her wonderful writing. The story line was very just fantastic in my eyes and a great first novel from Jennifer, I will be looking out for her next book for sure! I highly recommend One?

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                                                         One? by Jennifer L Cahill

                                                     A Fantastic 5 Sparkly Stars



How I choose my next read!

Hi fellow book worms,

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing how I go about choosing my next book to read. This has always been a thing I really enjoy through out the whole reading process. From the reading of the blurb, to drinking in the front cover! I like to see what takes my fancy at the time. This was the pre- blogging days.

When I first started blogging this was still the case, because I was reading borrowed or book’s I myself had at home, to review.

So when I started getting review requests, I found thing’s had to change in that, I would priorities be reading request’s before my own; meaning they would find there way at the bottom of my TBP. By doing this I felt I was missing something, which was choosing my next read. As a book blogger or reviewer it’s your right to decline a request, if you do so wish. (which I don’t really like to do unless the book really isn’t for me or that I genially fit it in at the time)

On realising that I was missing the choosing the next book, I knew something had to change. I had to be more organised, prioritising review request’s as they come in and I wanting give me a chance to choose my next book.



Now I alternate from a review request to a book that is of my own choosing. And since I’ve been using this system A) I feel like I’ve got a bit of choose back. And B) guess what?… I haven’t had a reading slump in ages. (she say’s as she touches wood!!!)

But what works for me may not necessary work for you. I would love to hear how you go about choosing your next read. How do you juggle between review requests and books you’ve brought? Is your system similar to mine? or is it completely different?

Book Review On: Fabulous Riders by Ryan Bloodworth

Today it’s my spot on the blog tour for Fabulous Riders by Ryan Bloodworth, and I will be sharing with you my review of this great book.

Fabulous Riders Banner1


Author Information

Ryan Bloodworth lives in Surrey, UK. He has studied western philosophy at academic level and has an interest in Eastern religions and spirituality. Since clubbing in the 90s, Ryan has developed a love and vast knowledge of electronic dance music. From Detroit Techno to UK Drum n Bass, Ryan has sought to bring these inspiring music forms into his writing.

Information about the Book

Title: Fabulous Riders Author: Ryan Bloodworth

Release Date: 12th March 2017

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Self-Published

Format: Paperback

Pages: 159 pages

Copy provided by: Authoright- Faye

Goodreads Link: Amazon Link:

Blurb (as provided by Authoright)

Hackney, east London in the early 90’s and jungle music —a fusion of Caribbean culture, rave music and the multicultural city itself— is erupting from its roots to capture the imagination of people from all walks of life. Raves are taking over the city’s underground music scene and the likes of M-Beat, General Levy and Kenny Ken are dominating the pirate radio stations. People are queueing down the street on Saturday nights to enter Paradise Club in Islington, continuing the party on Sundays at Thunder & Joy on Tottenham Court Road and later would be lining up to listen to early Fabio and Grooverider at Rage, Charing Cross. Amongst the energetic beats blaring out across the city, east Londoner and DJ Alex, of Jamaican descent, is adding his own sound to the mix alongside his mate Nathan.

Through their shared love of music and nights spent at the cutting houses a strong and beautiful friendship arises. But with the rave scene of the 90’s came the pills, certain rivalries and the ‘haters’. And one night, Nathan discovers Alex in his flat in a state of psychotic paranoia…

My Review

Before I start I must just say a thank you to Faye from Authoright for kindly asking me take part in this wonderful blog tour,  providing me with a paperback to read and  giving my honest review for today.

thumbnail_Fabulous_Riders_Cover_for_KindleThe front cover for this book is ver simple but also very striking. The smokey wood like backing to the African Trible mask in the centre which give’s off a really intriguing feel to the whole cover. The white bold writing of the title and author’s name really stands out really well. I immediately felt this book was going to get me on a deeper level and I felt drawn to it!

Fabulous Riders by Ryan Bloodworth is a story involving a friendship of two very different people from different walks of life. They come together through music, connecting on a deeper level.

Nathan an English and privately educated, meet’s Alex through their joy of music. Alex a black man with descendant’s from Africa and his struggle with his mental heath. He was a DJ and at the top of his game in the 90’s. But now he is heavily medicated and stuck in the mental heath system in London; with Nathan by his side.

Nathan is worried about his friend, being stuck in the system; as he watches psychiatrist’s strip him bear of the person he is. Yet when Alex and Nathan are in his flat, they both lose them self’s in music from Bob Marley, James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix, Drum & Bass to Jungle. Alex use’s the music as medicine for the sole and brain; as he explores his own history of his descendents of the slavery in the West and the philosophy behind the music. Will Nathan be able to help his friend? Is Alex going to be stuck in the mental heath system? Will music be that Key?

As I said earlier in my review how excited I was about this book and I was right to be excited. Because boy is this book an exceptional read. As I read this book I became fascinated by Alex’s story, and how he uses music as his medicine for his mental health, yet all the psychiatrist thought he needed to be medicated.

The author Ryan’s knowledge of music and Western philosophy really shines through the whole story. I really Ryan has made some good point’s regarding music and mental health through his characters like: how when all sorts of people coming together in a club or rave, and lose themselves in the music, not bothering about who the person is dancing next to them. And the point where music could be medicine for mental health, and I like that philosophy, it should be implemented in treatment’s for suffers I really do. ( I’m no cluber myself but I get the point Ryan was making)

By reading this book I feel I learnt a lot about different spirituality and genre’s of music some of which I had listened to before, some which were new to me. I feel I also learnt about the history of slavery in the West as Alex find’s his roots, which was extremely interesting to read about.

Fabulous Riders by Ryan Bloodworth has been a book that has really touched me on a deep level. Opening my eye’s to mental health for black men in particular and how the slave trade still lives on for these people, long after it happened. I managed to read this book in two sittings; which is a testament to how great this book really is. I really think Ryan has a lovely writing style and manages to raise some great points in today’s London. I highly recommend Fabulous Riders by Ryan Bloodworth and he is defiantly an author to watch out for. What a talented writer!

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                                         Fabulous Riders by Ryan Bloodworth

                                                             5 Sparkly Stars


Tips for getting out of that reading slump!

Hi guy’s,

For any reader getting in a reading slump can be very frustrating, when really all you want to do is read! I myself have had a few reading slumps over my reading years! I remember my first ever experience of this, and at first I got myself in a blind panic as to A) why I wasn’t reading so much ( my reading had slowed down a lot!) and B) why the heck was going on? I just couldn’t fathom out why because all I wanted to do was read! I remember telling all this to my friend (who is also a reader), over a cuppa and she told me not to worry.That most readers at some point will go through a reading lull; where nothing quite took your fancy. My mate suggested changing genre, which actually really helped.

A reading slump could also be caused by thing’s which are going on in your life, which just can’t be helped really. And in that instance I think talking a break from reading would help.

Here are my top tips for helping you get out of a reading slump!

1.Try reading a different genre. Sometimes a change of genre is all it takes to have you reading again! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of sticking to the same type of genre ( not that there is anything wrong in that!) But a change is as good as the rest so they say!

Getting out of your reading slump


2.Changing your usual reading spot. Maybe reading in the garden; on a nice day or taking yourself off to a nice coffee shop for a nice hot drink and a slice of cake!

3.Go to your local library. Ask the librarian to help suggest some books to you. You never know they may just inspire you to try something new, plus it’s always good to support your local library!!

4.Talk to family and friends about what their reading at the moment or ask if you could look on their bookcase to see if anything takes your fancy!

5.This last tip is really hard for any reader to have to say and that’s take a reading break. You’ll know when your ready to start reading again.

I have tried all my top tips out over the years, and found they’ve really helped. So if you are experiencing a reading lull then I really hope these help!

If you have any different one’s that have helped you I would love to hear your thoughts, please do get in touch!


Book Review On: The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar


About the author (as seen in the book)

louise millar

Louise Millar was brought up in Scotland. She began her journalism career in mainly music and film magazines, working as a sub- editor for Kerrang!, Smash Hits, The NME and Empire. She later moved into features, working as a commissioning editor on women’s magazines. She has written for Marie Claire, Red, Psychologies, Stella (Telegraph magazine), The Observer, Glamour and Stylist. She lives in London with her husband and daughters.




Publication date: 28th August 2014

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: Paperback 978-1-4472-3502-6

Hardback 978-1447260967

Pages: 384 pages

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Won on a giveaway!

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

When the country dream turns into a nightmare…

Hannah and Will Riley love their London life. Will has a music production company in Shepherd’s Bush and Hannah travels globally for a human rights charity. But there’s one thing missing from their lives.

And it’s destroying them.

So when they find the abandoned Tornley Hall in a remote Suffolk Village near where Will grew up, Hannah convinces him that a move to the countryside will help. He can commute. She can devote her time to restoring the property and creating a perfect home. And than everything will fall into place- won’t it?

But when heavy snowfall traps Will back in London, a new temptation beckons. Cut off in Suffolk, Hannah’s renovation work leads her to a shocking secret about their new home. Yet to reveal it now could lose her everything. Hannah must battle with her conscience- before it’s too late for any of them.

My Review

Gosh what a spooky looking front cover; from the brown leaves blowing in the wind on the lane leading up to a creepy looking house. It look’s remote surrounded by countryside. The darkness of the cover really adds to the creepy feel of this front cover. Both the title are in white which really stands out against the seen behind it. The title looks to be done in a handwritten kind of font adding a pinch more spookiness into the mix! All in all I think this cover designer has done a great job and had I not won this book in a giveaway, I would defiantly have picked it up in a book shop! I’ve never read any of Louise’s book before, so was really looking forward to starting it.

Hannah and her husband Will live in London and are longing for a family on their own. In a bit to help the process, the up stick’s and move to Tornley Hall in Suffolk. Tornley Hall has been standing empty for some years and need’s a lot of work to bring it back to life. Hannah knows she can do this so Will carry’s on working commuting to work in London while Hannah restores their home; which is to be finished before the social worker comes to validate their home ready to adopt a child. The reader can really get a sense of the tension at this point, in the story, but you get the feeling there is a lot more to come.

Hannah get’s snowed in at Tornley Hall all alone to sort the house ready for the social workers visit. She get the offer from a neighbour to help her out with some job’s; while her husband is away. Mean while Will get’s stuck in London and has a temptation in his mist! Is Will going to be tempted? Is the kind neighbour really being kind or is there something else going on?

Hannah experiences a few strange goings on at the house, not only that but there are locked rooms which she isn’t able to get in too. When she does get into the room, she can see someone has been living here and  finds lots of old books. Hannah becomes increasingly worried, yet intrigued by these things, but wished Will was there with her. Hannah also witnesses her neighbour doing something very wrong. Who is the person staying here? Why is she living in her house? Why are all the old books still there? And what should she do about what she has witnessed?

I was completely gripped by this story, from the very first page right through to the last. Louise has written the story in a great manner, drip feeding the past information to the reader slowly through out this book, keeping the reader intrigued to read on to find out what’s going to happen. I also think that this creates a lot of tension. I found all the characters individual, quirky and intriguing. I did feel for Hannah as she gets stuck in a really creepy situation, I’m not sure I could have handled what she did! There is a strong theme of mystery and crime’s committed in this book providing for a really creepy and spooky read. This is the perfect read for a cold winters night wrapped up in blanket with a nice up of hot chocolate, because you may just be unable to put this one down guys!  I will defiantly be checking out more of Louise’s books for sure!

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                                                  The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar

                                                                   5 Sparkly stars


Book Review On Summer of Love by Katie Fforde



(I must appologise for my photo, i didn’t relise it was like that until I had returned the book!)

About the author (as seen on Amazon)

katie fforde

I live in the beautiful Cotswold countryside with my family, and I’m a country girl at heart.

I first started writing when my mother gave me a writing kit for Christmas, and once I started I just couldn’t stop. Living Dangerously was my first novel and since then, I haven’t looked back.

Ideas for books are everywhere, and I’m constantly inspired by the people and places around me. From watching TV (yes, it is research) to overhearing conversations, I love how my writing gives me the chance to taste other people’s lives and try all the jobs I’ve never had.

Each of my books explores a different profession or background and my research has helped me bring these to life. I’ve been a porter in an auction house, tried my hand at pottery, refurbished furniture, delved behind the scenes of a dating website, and I’ve even been on a Ray Mears survival course.

I love being a writer; to me there isn’t a more satisfying and pleasing thing to do. I particularly enjoy writing love stories. I believe falling in love is the best thing in the world, and I want all my characters to experience it, and my readers to share their stories.




Publication date: 16th February 2012

Publisher: Arrow Books

ISBN: Paperback 9780099539148

Hardback 9781846056505  Also available in Ebook, Audiobook and Audio CD

Pages: 400 pages

Genre: Romance/ women’s fiction

Format Reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Borrowed

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Who knows what might happen in a summer of love?

Sian Bishop has left behind the hustle and bustle of the city and thrown herself into a new life in the country.

With her young son, her picture- postcard garden and her small thriving business, she’s happy and very busy. She is not- repeat not – looking for love.

And then one glorious summer evening, Gus Berresford arrives. One- time explorer, full- time heartbreaker, Gus is ridiculously exciting, wonderfully glamorous- and, Sian tells herself, completely wrong for a romantically cautious single woman like her

But she and Gus have met before. And despite Sian’s best intentions, it isn’t long before she’s falling for him all over again…

My Review

summer of love by katie fforde front coverThe cover to Summer of Love is so pretty and charming, with the pink roses creeping on the right hand side to the rose growing beside the seat. Where a woman is sitting devouring a book. (love that!) Katie’s name is in gold and the title in pink works lovely against the pale green background. It’s simple but charming cover.

As many of you know I’m a Katie Fforde fan. I adore her writing style, and story’s. I recently read and reviewed one of Katie’s book’s which you can check out Here 

Sian Bishop had a one wonderful night stand with Angus the traveller 5 years ago. As a result of their wistful romance Sian falls pregnant, only she can’t tell him because he has gone off traveling, and not having any contact details for him.

Now five years on Sian and her young son live in the hustle and bustle of London, but she want’s her son; Rory to grow up in a village, with fresh air. The only trouble is she hasn’t got a big budget for moving, her very good friend; Richard put’s her in contact with a woman who has a small cottage for cheap rent. The village even has its own nursery school, run by Richard’s sister for Rory to attend. She jump’s at the chance for this fresh start and a new adventure for them.

It isn’t long before Sian and Rory have their first visitor from Fiona a near neighbour. Fiona and Sian struck up a friendship and become close friends. Fiona help’s her out with some space to do more furnishes restoration, so she can do bigger pieces. When one day she get’s the shock of her life when Gus turns up at Fiona’s; and turn’s out to be Fiona’s son, who is Rory’s dad!!! But what will Sian do?

Richard make’s his feelings clear, when Sian really only see’s him as friend material, how ever her could offer her and Rory a great life! The to throw something else into the mix Melissa an old friend of Gus’s make’s it perfectly clear she is after Gus! These two men really have the most rocky relationship, not really getting on. Why is it so rocky? Will Sian tell Fiona and Gus about Rory? or will they work it out? How does Sian really feel about Gus? Is Gus really with Melissa? Will it be Gus or Richard?

Summer of Love by Katie Fforde is a wonderful gentle story that kept me entertained in true Katie style! I couldn’t fault this story, the characters were charming and interesting. There is the perfect amount of dialogue and description; which I always something I really love about Katie’s books. It’s got a really intriguing plot keeping the reader entertained at every page turned. I would recommend Summer of Love for the perfect escapism for all readers.

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                                                  Summer of Love by Katie Fforde

                                                               5 sparkly stars




My Reading Habits!

Hay lovely people,

Today I’m talking all about my reading habits; giving you a little glimpse into women behind the book!!!! I’m sure I’m not alone with having our little rituals or routines which, we reader’s feel the need to do, for us to have the perfect reading experience!!!!!

So the other day while I was chatting to a mate, reading habits came up in the conversation. This got me thinking about my own. ‘Ok Marie, have you got any reading habits?’ And do you know what the answer was? It was… a big fat YES!!!!!!!!!!

I really hadn’t even realised I had so many, which can only have happened over time, because if I think back to when I started getting in to reading, I certainly didn’t have as many as I do now!!!! For me especially, being dyslexic, I think some of my ‘habits’ are more ‘aids’ if you will. I did a post last year about my reading journey which you can check out Here.

Right let’s see what mine are… shall we?!?!?!?!?

1.This one really only applies to physical books. I use two bookmakers! One I use to keep my page; when I have to put my book down. The other one I put either 10 chapters if there long or 20 if there shorter. This is simply so A) I can gauge how much I’m reading and B) because I like to read at least 10 chapters a day if I’m able.

reading habbit 1

2.I use a postcard to guide me sometimes when I read, plus the postcard cover the writing I haven’t read. This helps to break the page us; as sometimes the words get all jumbled up, which I guess is me dyslexia. I do this with both physical books and my kindle.
reading habbit 2

3.I NEVER have a reading break in the middle of a chapter. I hate stopping mid chapter, I think it’s because the end of the chapter is a natural stopping point. Also I have found when I didn’t do this in the past that when I picked up the book again I would have to re-read a few paragraphs in order to refresh my memory.



4.This habit is totally and utterly irrational and a bit superstitious. I don’t like to finish reading on either chapter 13 or pages 13 and 666. Crazy I know!!



5.I like to have a notebook at my side as I read; so I can make notes about the book. Which I then use when writing up my review note. This is so I don’t forget anything! (I’m so forgetful sometimes!!!)

reading habbit 5

6.I keep a reading journal; which is a list of books I’ve read each month and year. I started this back in 2006 when I first found the love of books and reading. This not only helps me to remember the books I’ve already read and how many I read each month and the total for that particular year.


7.I always like to have a mini dictionary near me while I read, so if I get stuck reading a particular word, I can try to work out by the meaning; which I find really helpful. And there is a plus side to this I’m always learning new words! and that can only be a bonus!!

reading habbit 7


8.And last but not least, I do like to have a good old British cuppa tea! Ahhhhh you can’t beat a good brew or two possibly three depending on how long I’m reading for.


So there you have it guy’s, a whole 8 reading habits! Can you believe it!?!? I do understand some of them are irrational but I like to think of them as my reading quirks! Do you have any reading habits similar to mine? or have you got totally different one’s? Do get in touch I would love to hear them!!!