Review on: The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes


About the author (as seen in the book)

jo jo moyes

Jojo Moyes is a novelist and a journalist. She worked at the Independent for ten years before leaving to write full time. Her previous novels have all been critically acclaimed and include The Ship Of Brides, Foreign Fruit, The Last Letter From Your Lover, The Girl You Left Behind and the international number one bestseller Me Before You. She lives in Essex with her husband and their three children.






Publication date: 31st July 2014

Publishers: Penguin Books

ISBN: Paperback 978-1405909051

Hardback 978-1405915571

Pages: 560 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: my own

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

One eternal optimist…

Jess Thomas, with two jobs two kids and never enough money, wears flip-flops in the hope of spring. And when life knocks her down she does her best to bounce right back. But there are some challenges even she can’t meet on her own.

Plus one lost stranger…

Ed Nichols is the good guy gone bad. He had it all, then one stupid mistake cost him everything. Now he’ll do anything to make it right.

Equals a chance encounter…

Ed doesn’t want to save anyone and Jess doesn’t want saving, but could Jess and Ed add up to something better together?

My Review

This front cover is very simple with the author’s name and the title in a big circle; which then draws your eye to the family; who are standing in a row, with their backs to the reader. And a lovely dog in the middle.
The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes is a story about a single mother, called Jess. She has a daughter; Tanzie who loves everything maths and her teenage stepson Nicky; who is being brutally bullied and can only seem to rely on her. Her ex and their father Marty is really no help at all. So Jess has to juggle two jobs, the children and the constant money worries all by her self.
Jess receives a phone call from Tanzie’s school teacher informing her of her daughters gift with numbers. He really thinks that Tanzie could really benefit from getting a scholarship at a private school; where they would embrace and encourage her talent for maths. The only problem is she needs to come up with the money to send her there, and knowing how much her daughter would really like and benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

From the start it’s clear that Jess can’t come up with the money and Marty is no help at all. But Jess receives another phone call from Tanzie’s teacher, as he knows of her situation he thinks he may have an idea of how to get the money to sent Tanzie to the private school. There is a Olympiad in Scotland; a competition for students gifted in maths and the prize money would be enough to send Tanzie to the privet school. Her teacher thinks Tanzie has got a really good chance of winning. The problem they now face is not only getting there but doing it on a shoe string. Jess finds herself and her family getting into a difficult position, when Mr Nicholls reluctantly offering his help! But will Jess accept? Will Jess get to the bottom of Nicky’s bullying? Will Tanzie get to the competition at all? They have to face a few huddles alone the way, but will they be able to get over them?

I think Jess and Mr Nicholls are drawn together because they both find themselves going through difficult times and in advert ally helping each other through them and is this the start of something? I also really liked that Mr Nicholls saw how much Nicky loves technology and encourages him to come out of his shell, that was quite sweet, I think he saw a bit of himself in Nicky! I found all the characters to be intriguing and complex, which really helped me to carry on reading till the end of the book. But,  having said that I did feel for me it was quite slow in pace. The rating for The One Plus One is purely because this particular story wasn’t really for me, that’s all. I do plan to read more of Jojo’s work in the future, and actually have two books in my to-read pile!!!

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Review on: The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanne Cannon

About the author (as seen in the book)

joanne cannon

Joanne Cannon graduated from Leicester Medical school and worked as a hospital doctor, before specialising in psychiatry. She lives in the Peak District with her family and her dog. The Trouble with Goats and Sheep is her first novel.





Twitter: @JoanneCannon

Publication date: 26 December 2016

Publisher: The Borough Press

ISBN: Paperback 978-0-00-813217-0

Hardback 978-0-00-813216-3

Pages: 464 pages

Genre: Fiction

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Borrowed

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Summer, 1976

Mrs Creasy is missing and The Avenue is alive with whispers. As summer shimmers endlessly on, ten-year-olds Grace and Tilly decide to take matters into their own hands.

But as doors and mouths begin to open and the cul-de-sac starts giving up its secrets, the amateur detectives will find more than they could have imagined…

My Review

The cover for The Trouble with Goats and Sheep is very simple; the title is situated a bit below the top and above the bottom, with a goat placed in between them. The blueness of the backing makes the whiteness from the title and goat stand out. The author’s name is done in yellow. All these colours make me think of a summers sky; It’s eye-catching, intriguing, well that’s how it made me think any way!

Before I start I have to tell you I had mixed felling’s about this book; I not sure if it was a book for me if I’m honest, yet somehow when I read the blurb it kinda intrigued me. So in the hope that I was very much wrong in my thoughts I got stuck in, and shocked myself at how quickly I was turning the pages and really trundling through the book.

The story lasts the whole summer of 1976; when two little girls decide to become detective’s to find out why and where Mrs Creasy disappeared too. Questioning their neighbours as they gather information. They both what to keep The Avenue safe and call on God to see if he will help in there quest. The Avenue is where many secrets are held but will they surface? and will Grace and Tilly find out where Mrs Creasy disappeared too? Will The Avenue be kept safe?

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep; has a great plot which I felt really gave me need to read on, and find out more. Joanne Cannon has also in captures the children’s imagination and the way there little minds work; which will surly have you chuckling as it did me. I did enjoy this read however, I don’t think its one I will be re-reading, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be reading any more from Joanne because I do plan on reading her next book.

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4 stars


Bookish and stationary gifts I received for Christmas!

Hi Bookish folk,

Firstly I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a tremendous Christmas or holiday season! I myself had a really nice time spent with family and friends. I can’t believe how incredibly spoiled I’ve been with some truly amazing book or stationary related gifts (Gosh people really know me well!!!)

I thought today I would share those gifts with you! Who knows it might even inspire you for an idea for the fellow book lover in your life! Or just for yourself!

The first gift I’m sharing with you is so incredibly special and something that I will not only use but I will treasure it always! This gift completely blow me away when I opened it! It just so happened to be made by one of my most treasured friends. This said friend, was the lady who encouraged me and started me on my reading journey; unlocking the bookworm within me! I thank her from the bottom of my heart because I was always reluctant to start and reading has given me so much joy! (You can check out my post I did on this Here) We both adore books, writing and crafting things, and decided to make Christmas presents for each other. (Last year I make her, her very own travel writing kit in its own bag! The kit contains everything she needs for a quiet writing session somewhere! In the kit I put coloured pens, pencils, rubber, sticky notes, a mini dictionary, Helpful hints and tips and a note-book; which I made a removable cover for. Needless to say she adored it!)

Anyway, getting back to this quite frankly, blooming amazing gift, (Sorry I did ramble on a bit there!!) When I was tearing the paper off and opened the cardboard box, I carefully undone the bubble wrap; now at this point I did and said two things A) I cried happy tears of course! and B) I said ‘Oh my god, it’s  got all my favourite things on it!’

My friend had brought a lovely wooden box in the shape of a book, and has painted it in all my favourite colours. I just love the effect she has created with the merging of the colours, it’s just beautiful, isn’t it?

She has stuck purple swirly corning like which I think makes the title stand out! Now let’s get on to the title it’s self  ‘Majestic Marie’ (I’ll take that!!!!Thanks!!!!)


In the centre she has drawn a scene full of all of my favourite things; a comfortable chair with a squishy cousin   with my reading lamp, a table with a brew on ( she knows I like a good cuppa!), Under the table is a handbag; because I don’t go anywhere without one and I do love a handbag!!!!,  A line of bookshelves under the window; full of glorious books! ( It’s a bit of a dream of mine, to have a room full of books. I’m sure I’m not alone there! am I book lovers?)

I love that she has added my two cat’s in the scene because they mean the world to me! The likeness to them is really good!

Outside the window there’s blazing sunshine, (I’m a bit of a what you call a sun chaser in my garden!) And the camper van (It’s one of our drams to travel around in a campervan, a bit like the film Thelma and Louise but without the dying part!!!!)


On the spine of the book she has written her name as the creator of this master piece!






So when I had finished marvelling at the box I opened it to find Joy had lined inside the box in velvet material, which I think really finishes off the box really well. Also there was two other small wrapped up presents which were… wait for it… non other than a sorting hat keying and a necklace with Hermine’s wand from Harry potter! I do love the films and the books!!!!!! what a pressie hay!!!!!

The other bookish presents I got were off my mumma bear!

The first one, I really like, it’s a diary; with refill paper (which I will use next year and I will explain why in a sec! also I have a diary for my blog which I did a post about and you can check it out Here)

There are divides; which each have a positive saying on them to divide the months up. But as you will have notices there’s A) no year on it and B) no months that is why this is so great!!!!… it has a pocket at the back with stickers of numbers, months etc.


The pink rings that hold the whole thing together can be changed to a different size if you need to make the planner able to have more pages in.

IMG_3041This next gift mum gave me was a metal bookmark with 50 books to read before you die! When I was reading down the list I was quite shocked at how many I have already read! But gosh their’s an awful lot on there I haven’t…well better get reading then hay!?!


*The Lord of the ring’s trilogy by J.R.R Tolken

*1984 by George Orwell

*Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

*The Grapes of wrath by John Steinbeck

*To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

*Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

*Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

*A Passage to India by E.M Forster

*The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

*Hamlet by William Shakespeare

*A Bend in the river by V.S Naipaul

*The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

*The catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

*The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

*Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

*The Diary of Anne Frank by Ann Frank

*Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes

*The Bible by Various

*The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

*Ulysses by James Joyce

*The Quiet American by Graham Greene

*Birdsong by Sebastion Faulks

*Money by Martin Amis

*Harry Potter series by J.K.Rawling

*Moby Dick by Herman Melville

*The Wind in the Willows by Kennith Garhame

*His dark meterials trilogy by Philip Pullman

*Anna Karenina by Leo Toistoy

*Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

*Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

*The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon

*On the road by Jack Kerouac

*Heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad

*The Way we live now by Anthony Trollope

*The Outsider by Albert Camus

*The Colour Purple by Alice Walker

*Life of Pi by Yann Martel

*Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

*The War of the Worlds by H.G Wells

*Men without Woman by Ernist Hemingway

*Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

*A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

*Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

*Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

*One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey

*Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

*The Count of Mote Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

*Memoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden

*The Divine Comedy by Alighieri Dante

*The Picture of Derian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Now the last gift my mumma got me was something else that made my day! It’s a mug and a coaster with ‘Book Blogger’ on them both! I think my word’s were somewhere along the lines of ‘It’s official now I’m a book blogger!!!!’ ta mumma bear I love them. So now when I’m blogging you just know my brew is going in this mug!!!!!


The final gift was a book which I received off my fella! (This was probably because I went on about it enough!!!) Me life story by Scarolett Moffett. I adore this young lady, and loved her in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!


I’ve been so incredibly lucky and spoiled this year!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I have writing it! Ta for stopping by my lovely’s!

My Top 10 Front Covers Of 2017!

to 10 2017Hi there lovely bookish folk,

Today I would like to share with you my most favourite 10 book cover’s of books I’ve reviewed this year! (If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post I talk about my top 10 reads of 2017! which you can check out Here)

As you all know I’m a sucker for a gorgeous and eye-catching book cover! (I go on about them a lot!!!!) For me personally it’s the first thing that caches my eye in a bookshop or when looking online; which leads me to then reading the blurb. (that is unless I already have a specific book in mind!)  The front cover is the first thing a reader see’s and has some impact on whether the reader pick’s it up or not.(unless they are looking for a particular author or book) Of course it’s not the sole reason for a reader choosing said book, but I think it’s defiantly part and parcel in choosing a book.

Now the front cover’s I’ve chosen are because they really caught my eye and practically want to jump in to the picture in front of me. It took me age’s to whittle it down to 10, but few I did it! So without further a due, let the my top 10 front covers commence…    (please note they are in no particular order)

1.A Place For Us by Harriet Evans (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

The house has soft, purple wisteria twining around the door.
You step inside.
The hall is cool after the hot summer’s day. The welcome is kind, and always warm.
Yet something makes you suspect life here can’t be as perfect as it seems. After all, the brightest smile can hide the darkest secret.
But wouldn’t you pay any price to have a glorious place like this?
Welcome to Winterfold.
Martha Winter’s Family is finally coming home.

2.Letters to Eloise by Emily Williams (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb ( as seen on Amazon)
When post-graduate student Flora falls unexpectedly pregnant during her final year studies she hits a huge predicament; continue a recent affair with her handsome but mysterious lecture who dazzles her with love letters taken from the ancient tale of ‘Abelard and Heloise’, chase after the past with her estranged first love?
But will either man be there to support her during the turmoil ahead?
‘Banish me, therefore, forever from your heart’, Abelard to Heloise.
Letters to Eloise is the heart-wrenching debut epistolary novel by Emily Williams; a love story of misunderstandings, loss and betrayal but ultimately the incredible bond between mother and child.

3.The Big Little Wedding in Carlton Square by Lilly Bartlett- Pen name for Michele Gorman (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on Amazon)
When Emma’s boyfriend Daniel pops the question with a ring the size of a small country, she suddenly realises just how different they are. She’s the EastEnders to his Made in Chelsea. She wants a low-key wedding with close friends and family in Uncle Colin’s pub while Daniel’s mother is expecting a society do that their high- brow guests won’t forget!
How on earth can Emma put together a celebration fit for Lords and Ladies on a shoestring budget? Not to mention the fact her cross-dressing Uncle Barbara wants to be a bridesmaid, her best mate Kelly can’t stand Daniel’s best friend Cressida, and her dad is too proud to accept any help from Daniel’s family towards the costs. There’s three months to go until the big day. Will Emma’s happy-ever-after end in disaster?

4.Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage by Milly Johnson (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on back cover)
New beginnings, old secret’s, and a place to call home…
Viv arrives at Wildflower Cottage, a tumbledown animal sanctuary, for the summer. Her job is to help with the admin, but the truth is she is here for something much closer to her heart…
Geraldine runs to Wildflower Cottage sanctuary. She escapes from her past to find happiness here, but now her history at bay and her future safe?
Back home, Viv’s mother Stel thinks she might have found a man who will treat her right for once. Ian is kind considerate, and clearly head over heels for her. That’s what she wanted all along isn’t it…

5.The French Gardner by Santa Montefiore (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on the back of the book)
Nestled deep in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful gardens, Hartington House was meant to be the perfect escape.
Instead, Miranda Claybourne is bored and lonely. She misses the glamour and excitement of her old life, and her husband David treats the house like a weekend retreat.
Then fate brings Jean-Paul to her door. Charming and enigmatic; the Frenchman offers to bring the neglected gardens back to life.
And soon Miranda discovers there are secrets hidden in the grounds of Hartington House that will transform her life; secrets planted long ago with love and ready to grow again.

6.Winter at Cedarwood Lodge by Rebecca Raisin (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen in the e-book)
This winter it’s time to fall in love at Cedarwood Lodge…
After years of dreaming, Clio winters is finally fulfilling her childhood dream of renovating the gorgeous old Cedarwood Lodge in Evergreen and turning it into the perfect destination for celebrations, weddings and extravagant birthday parties. The huge property used to be a bustling holiday camp, but now Clio wants to bring it back to its halcyon days- which will be a lot of hard work!
Returning to the small town of her youth, she’s glad to have one of her best friends still around to lean on: Micah, who is just as solid as he used to be. But with her own secrets pushing her to run from her glamorous life in New York, she’ll have to tread carefully, especially when the far- too- handsome-for- his own good contractor Kai shows up on her doorstep…
Sure she’s here in Evergreen to change her life, but there’s no way she’s falling in love!
Winter at Cedarwood Lodge is a delectable romance following Clio Winters’ journey back to her hometown of Evergreen.
Previously published as Celebrations & Confetti, Brides & Bouquets, Midnight & Mistletoe.

7.My Sweet Revenge by Jane Fallon (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on back cover)
I want to make my husband fall back in love with me.
Let me explain. This isn’t an exercise in 1950’s wifeydom. I haven’t been reading articles in old women’s magazines. ‘Twenty ways to keep your man’ That couldn’t be further from the truth.
I want him to fall back in love with me so that when I tell him to get the hell out of my life he’ll care.
I want it to hurt.
Paula has had Robert’s back since they got together as drama students. She gave up her dreams so he could make it. Now he’s one of the nation’s most popular actors. And Paula’s just discovered he’s having an affair,
She’s going to remind Robert just what he’s sacrificing. And then she’s going to break his heart like he broke hers. It will be her greatest acting role ever.
Revenge is sweet. Isn’t it?

8.Summer at the Lake by Erica James (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)
Lake Como beautiful, enchanting, romantic…
For Floriana, it is the place where the love of her life is getting married to another woman. And she’s been invited to the wedding.
For Esme, it is where, over sixty years ago, she fell in love for the first time. So often she’s wondered what happened to the man who stole her heart and changed the course of her life.
Adam is in danger of burying himself entirely in his work, after his girlfriend left him. Could a trip to Lake Como be the distraction he needs?
Now it’s time for each of them to understand that the past is not only another country, it can also cast haunting shadows over everyone’s lives…

9.Francesca’s Party by Patricia Scanlan (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb ( as seen on back cover)
A marriage under pressure.
After years of being a loyal wife and mother, Francesca Kirwan Finds her life changed irrevocably one dismal autumn morning when her husband Mark forgets his mobile phone. In the space of ten minutes her comfortable, safe, uneventful life is shattered. She has a choice- sink or swim.
A party that will change everything!
As Francesca’s life changes beyond all recognition, she is surprised to discover it’s not as terrifying as she thought it would be. In fact, it might even be the best thing that could have happened to her- a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by Mark.
And then Francesca decides to throw a party and that’s when the fun really starts…

10.Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley (You can check out my review Here)

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)
Is there such a thing as ‘ happy-ever-after?’
After causing a terrible accident, Lizzy Dane’s life has lurched from one disaster to another. The final straw is when she realises that she and her fiancé Kieran want completely different things in life.
Swearing off men, she returns home to the cosy village of Halfhidden, to stay with her eccentric aunt Debo and her motley bunch of canine friends.
But it turns out that Halfhidden is full of surprises- and one very dishy newcomer who makes Lizzy’s quest for answers rather more complicated than she could ever have anticipated.

Gosh what wonderful cover’s they are!

This will be my final post this year, so I would like to wish you all a happy new year and may 2018 bring you good things!

Thank you to you all for all your support to Marie’s Book Boutique it truly means the world to me! In the new year you can expect more reviews, blog tours, bookish ramblings and much more, so I hope you’ll all join me!!!!

Happy New Year guy’s


Marie  xx

My Top 10 Reads Of 2017!

to 10 2017Hi Guy’s

As it’s coming to the end of the year, and I’ve been reflecting on all the books I have reviewed this year! Boy there really have been some smashing reads that have passed through my hands. I would say they have, enriched not only me as a person but also made my first 11 months on Marie’s Book Boutique a joy! I have loved every single second of it, and looking forward to next years reading and blogging.

So getting back to my top 10 reads of this year! It was so very hard to even narrow my list down and I spent quite a lot of time agonising over which books would make my final top 10! ( I’m sure I’m not the only book blogger struggling with this) Some of these books/eBook’s consist of some that have been published this year and some that haven’t. My reason for my choice of books/eBook’s are because A) they gave me an abundance of joy to read and review and B) the story has stayed with me long after finishing the book. (Please note that the books are not in any particular order.)

Here goes…

1.Letters To Eloise by Emily Williams ( you can check out my review and Q&A here)

2.Just For The Holidays by Sue Moorecroft (you can check out my review Here)

3.Winter at Cedarwood Lodge by Rebecca Raisin (you can check out my review Here)

4.Christmas at the Falling-down Guesthouse by Lilly Bartlett ( check out my review Here)

5.A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill ( you can check out my review Here)

6.The Turtle Run by Marie Evelyn (you can check out my review Here)

7.Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan ( you can check out my review Here)

8.How to stuff up Christmas by Rosie Blake ( you can check out my review Here)

9.Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent (you can check out my review Here)

10.A Cornish Affair by Liz Fenwick (you can check out my review Here)

That concludes my personal top 10 reads, that I’ve had the pleasure to read this year. I’m looking forward to reading and blogging in 2018! I would like to wish you a very happy 2018 and my it bring you everything you heart desires!

I would love to hear you thoughts on this post… have you read any of these? If you have done you also enjoy them? what was you favourite reads this year? (always on the look out for more reads!!! hehehehe)

Happy New Year Beautiful book lovers

Marie x

Happy Holidays and Thanks for the support guy’s

Happy boxing day!

So sorry I never got to wish you all a happy Christmas or how ever you celebrate before the day, it been understandable manic!!!! I really hope you all had a wonderful day and time with those you love. I had a lovely day with the family and got spoiled with many bookish gifts what a lucky lady I am!!!!! (Which I will share with you guy’s at some point!), ate way to much (and why do we do that to ourselves, oh ya it CHRISTMAS!!!!!) It’s a great time of year for really appreciating what and who you have around you, and thinking of those who are no longer with us.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you all; for all you shares and like’s of my posts, and for genuinely making my first 11 months of blogging a joy. And to the author’s, publishers, publicist’s and anyone who contacted me to request for me to review a book, I thank you for asking me, I honestly never expected that to happen! I have also met some wonderful people through the blogging world and you all pretty amazing!!!!!

So enjoy the rest of the holidays and may you, your family and friends have a wonderful New Year and I wishing you well for 2018!!!!!!


Marie  xx



Review on Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

miracal on 5th avenue

About the author (as seen in the book)

sarah MorganSarah Morgan is the bestselling author of Sleigh Bells in the Snow. As a child Sarah dreamed of being a writer, and although she took a few interesting detours on the way she is now living that dream. With her writing career she has successfully combined business with pleasure, and she firmly believes that reading romance is one of the most satisfying and fat- free escapist pleasure available. Her stories are unashamedly optimistic, and she is always pleased when she receives letters from readers saying that her books have helped them through hard times.

Sarah lives near London with her husband and two children who innocently provide an endless supply of authentic dialogue.


Twitter: @SarahMorgan_


Instagram: sarahmorganwrites

Publication date: 20th October 2016

Publisher: Harlequin Mira, an imprint of Harper Collins publisher

ISBN: Paperback 978-1-848-45502-3

Pages: 352 pages

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: My own

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

Sometimes love needs a Christmas miracle.

Hopeless romantic Eva Jorden loves everything about Christmas, even if she is spending it alone house sitting a spectacular Fifth Avenue apartment. What she doesn’t expect is to find the penthouse still occupied by its gorgeous- and mysterious owner.

Bestselling crime writer Lucas Blade is having the nightmare before Christmas. With a deadline and the anniversary of his wife’s death looming, he’s isolated himself with only his grief for company. But when the blizzard of the century leaves Eva snowbound in his apartment, Lucas starts to open up to the magic she brings…

This Christmas, is Lucas finally ready to trust that happily- ever-afters do exist?

My Review

This front cover truly has this Christmas sean covered right before your very eyes! I really implore the attention to detail from all the glitter used to provide sparkle to the right places ( the Christmas tree, the ice on the ice rink, to the twinkle lights!) All the people in the cover are wrapped up in hats and scarfs; from the wintry weather and look like their having a good time. I adore the bluely purple of the sky as it really makes the buildings and the author’s name really stand out to the naked eye! The swirly writing used for the title gives the cover a sense of elegance about it; which I really really love by the way!!!!!!

Miracle On 5th Avenue is the first book I’ve ever read of Sarah Morgan’s; I’ve heard and read good things about her books which has led me to this particular book. I can’t tell you how eager I was to not only discover another author ( which I always love!) but the blurb had me so intrigued to open the book as soon as!!!!

Eva Jordan runs her own business with her two friends; Frankie and Paige. They called their events and concierge service  Urban Genie and they all have a passion for what they do. Poor Eva is still very much wrapped up in her grief of her only family member; her grandmother; who passed away a year prior. So she throws herself in to her work, cooking, blog and You Tube video’s. which make’s her feel closer to her grandmother. Her friends start to worry about her as they pair off and thinks she need’s to get out there and meet people and who knows she might meet someone! Eva knows her beloved friend’s have a point and she decides she will try!

In the mist of this Eva’s friend and client to Urban Genie; Mitzy the grandmother to the famous crime writer Lucus Blade. She asks Eva if she would add some Christmas sparkle to her grandson’s penthouse apartment; while he is away on a writing retreat. In the need to stay busy Eva accepts the job of filling the fridge and freezer full of her culinary delights and to bring Christmas to the penthouse. Eva is fully aware that Lucus has his own grief of he’s wife and feels this may just help him!

When Eva arrives at the dark penthouse she gets the shock of her life as she discovers that Lucus is not on his writing retreat after all but hiding out here! Lucus want’s to be left alone to try to budge his writers bloke as her has an impending deadline looming. Eva explains that if she can’t do the job she was employed to do, then she has to inform her client; his grandmother as to why. However Lucus  neither wants his family to know his actually in his penthouse nor does he want her or Christmas to be here, so her begrudgingly agrees that she should stay and do what ever it is she has as well as not telling his grandmother of his whereabouts.

As Eva get’s on bringing Christmas to the penthouse, Lucus try’s to get rid of his writers block but failing badly. The pair start to get to know one another; which suddenly gives him inspiration for his book, leading him to start to write again. Eva is a happy- ever- after kind of person where as Lucus is more of a pessimistic. Of course they have a few disagreements, miss understandings but they sure do enjoy good food!

I really enjoyed these two characters very much because they are so different yet they seemed to have a spark of chemistry even if they choose to ignore… at first!!!!! I adored the way Eva added sparkle to Lucus’s life and he show’s her there’s not always a happy ending. But I did think as they were in the mist of their grief of family members they show each other how to move on, on such a deep level. But Lucus finish his book on time? what happens when Eva finds out she’s in the book? Will Eve find her happy-ever-after she’s longing for?

Sarah Morgan has a true gift of writing in her own unique style, from her amazing description to the story itself. I felt truly enchanted and absorbed in the story until my eye’s couldn’t take any more. (bearing in mind I just wanted to carry on but me eye’s were just not willing). I also found this story must have really resonated with me, because it’s stayed with me long after I had finished!!!

I’m sure you can gather, I thought this was a true corker of a book and is a book I’m defiantly going to be re-reading for sure!!! Sarah you have gained another super fun right here!!!!!!!!

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