Review On: The Forever House by Veronica Henry


About the author (as seen in the book)

veronica henry

Veronica Henry worked as a script writer for The ArchersHeartbeat and Holby City, amongst many others, before turning to fiction. She won the 2014 RNA Novel of the year aword for A Night on the Orient express. Veronica lives with her family in a village in North Devon.





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Publication date: 18th May 2017

Publisher: Orion Books

ISBN: Paperback 9781409166573

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 363 pages

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Borrowed

Blurb (as seen on the back of the book)

‘ All she wanted was her own four walls around her. A house she could call her own. A house that was hers, forever. A house that looked after her. A cocoon. A haven.’

Hunter’s Moon is the ultimate forever house. Nestled in the Cotswold valley of Peasebrook, it has been the Willoughby’s home for over fifty years, and now kind hearted estate agent Belinda Baxter is determined to find the perfect family to live there.

For Belinda, selling houses is like selling dreams: the moment you find ‘the one’, your whole life there can be imagined. But the sale of Hunter’s Moon unlocks decades of the Willoughby family’s secrets and brings Belinda face to face with her own troubled past…

My review

When I saw the front cover to The Forever House, I really thought it was glorious and enchanting. The cream coloured back ground look like the scene is on a canvas. I loved the way the creator has making the reader feel they are gazing  down the path to this beautiful house in front of you. The path has beautiful flowers both sides and gorgeous box hedge’s, which really adds the enchanted and dreamy! The title is done in a gold which adds an air of elegance to an already beautiful cover. The purple of the author’s name is really tied in well with the flowers from the garden and the petals which are floating down to purple flowers at the bottom of the cover. I’m a fan of Veronica’s other books that I’ve managed to read so far and have enjoyed each one on their own merits.

Belinda, is an estate agent; selling everyone their dream home, when that is what she is longing for herself again. She had her dream home in the past. So when it comes back on the market, the vender asks directly for her; which will equate into quite a hefty commission and help her on her way to being in a position to have her own home. But will she take it on or will she let it slip her by because of pasted painful memories that the house hold’s for her?

She also has another house to sell and as soon as Belinda see’s it she has found her perfect house. Hunter’s Moon is owned by Sally and her husband Alexander. The couple now find themselves in an unfortunate position due to Alexander’s heath problems, and ultimately causing them to sell their beloved family home. All they have to do now is tell their son Leo about his father’s illness and that they are selling his childhood home. Leo hasn’t ever found the right women to settle down with, and seems to be a bit lonely. He’s understandable upset, and he and Belinda really don’t get off on the right foot; yet the I could tell that these two were the perfect match.

Hunter’s Moon is a home full of history and was left to Sally by Alexander’s Mother; the historical novelist of her time; Margot Willoughby. I really enjoyed the way Veronica Henry; takes the reader back to the past and explained how Sally came to inherit her husband’s childhood home. It was easy to read and in no way did I find it confusing at any point. I really felt quite emotional for Sally and Alexander situation because I could tell how hard it was for them and how much love they had for the beloved Hunter’s Moon. Belinda organises sealed bid’s for Hunter’s Moon; as she think’s this is the best way to sell and get the right money. At this point I was willing her to make a bid, as there was a lot of interest. Who will buy Hunter’s Moon? Will Belinda find a bit more than love of a house at Hunter’s Moon?

All the character’s I found to be quirky, relatable with some comical at times. The Forever House by Veronica Henry is an emotional, lovely and easy to read story that will keep you entertained till the last page.

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4 stars




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