Blog Tour Book Review On: Friends And Neighbours by Ruth Torjussen

About the author (as seen in the book)

Ruth Torjussen grew up in stoke but now lives and works in Brighton as a Shared Lives Carer. She is passionate advocate of eating local food grown through regenerative farming as the answer to climate change.



Publication date: 29th January 2021

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: Paperback 979-8702039565

Also available in Ebook

Pages: 287 pages

Genre: General humours fiction

Format reading: Paperback

Copy provided by: Love Books Tours and Author

Blurb (as seen on the back cover)

When her best friend die’s of cancer just before her 50th birthday; and other friends move away from their home town of Stoke, grief-stricken Jenny sinks into a depression that her job as a Marie Osmond impersonator only exacerbates.

Nine months later, while everyone else is moving on, Jenny is still struggling. Despite the love of her family, nothing can alleviate her heartbreak and she dwells on the female-shaped hole in her life.

When newlyweds move in next door, she hopes that the woman over the fence will become a new friend and help get her back on track. But instead she gets Dawn: load, fat, tattooed and shouting the ‘C’ word within minutes of arriving.

Jenny’s GP suggests starting a course at the local college to bring her out of her reverie. And that’s where she meets Trudi. At last! Someone on her wavelength.

Will lovely Trudi be the friend she has so longed for? Will the creative writing class bring them together and add some much needed happiness to Jenny’s life?

My Review

Before I begin my review I would like to say thank you to Love’s Books Tours and Ruth Torjussan for gifting me a copy of Friends and Neighbours to review today on this wonderful blog tour.

Jenny friend has passed away around her 50th birthday and all her female friends have moved away, she struggles with having no close friends around.

Nine months have have passed and even with a loving husband and loving son’s can’t pull her out of her crippling grief. She works as a carer and a Marie Osmond impersonator but all that doesn’t take away what she is longing for a female friend. The house next door is empty and newlyweds are about to move in and Jenny has high expectations that the woman could be her new friend that she is so lacking in her life. But what she gets is not what she’s looking for.

Slipping further into depression her eco worrier husband and children are increasingly worried about her; as they encourage to pull her out of her grief to no avail. Now, on a suggestion from her doctor Jenny starts a writing course; where she meets Trudi. Jenny becomes convinced that Trudi is the one to fill the female void in her life, discounting other potential new friends that a neighbours. Is Trudi Jenny’s answer? Will Jenny learn to move on from her grief of her best friend? Are her likely female friends closer to home?

I so enjoyed reading Friends And Neighbours by Ruth Torjussen it has humour, much drama and may I say that the characters are really quite unique. On some level this book was very relatable on a personal level especially to Jenny. Ruth has simply done a smashing job of getting the reader to feel the emotion through her writing; she’s made me laugh and cry; which proves to me how good this book is! I really enjoyed Jenny’s eco and garden loving husband he was quite cool and I loved his utter devotion to his wife. Really great read, I highly recommend it!

Marie’s Book Boutique gives

Friends And Neighbours by Ruth Torjussen

5 Sparkly Stars

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