Blog Tour: One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner

About the author (as seen in ARC)

Lisa Gardner started her writing career aged seventeen. Having caught her hair on fire while working in food services, crafting a novel seemed a safer bet. A mere ten years later she became an overnight success with the publication of her first thriller, The Perfect Husband.

Now an internationally bestselling author and winner of the International Thriller Writers Award for best suspense novel. Lisa lives in the mountains of New Hampshire with her family.

When not glued to her computer, she can be found hiking the mountains with her dog and/or researching new and interesting ways to get away with murder.






Publication Date: 20th January 2022

Publisher: Century

ISBN: Hardback 9781529135565

Also available in Ebook format

Pages: 416

Genre: Thriller

Format reading: ARC proof copy

Copy provided by: Publisher

Blurb (as seen on press release)

Avid hiker and soon to be groom Timothy O’Day disappeared while camping in the woods days before his wedding without a trace. As hours stretch into weeks, volunteers go home and police are assigned new cases, the case of disappeared hiker Timothy O’Day becomes just another missing person case.

But missing person specialist Frankie Elkin won’t let Tim be forgotten. A nomad traveling from city to city with more regrets than belongings, Frankie never gives up on a case, even when it seems hopeless. And she is determined to find Tim and bring him home- whatever the cost.

Joining a seven-day last ditch volunteer search team, lead by Tim’s father Martin, Frankie heads deep into the dark, secluded forest of America’s West Coast to uncover the truth of Tim’s disappearance. But with secrets swirling and tensions raised in the group, it becomes clear that Frankie Elkin’s case could well be her last…

My review

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to Rachael from Penguin Random House for kindly asking me to take part in this blog tour and for sending me an ARC proof. I’m very excited to share my thoughts after reading book one last year Blog Tour: Book review on: Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner

This is the second book in the Frankie Elkin series and boy was I excited to jump right in!

The story start’s five years after Timothy O’Day went missing as his father tries a last diched attempt to search for his son. His wife is dyeing and it is her wish to have him home. Frankie turns up and offers her help but the rest of the group however they are not convinced apart from one who recognises her from a form online about cold cased. Mean while there are fractures in the group with one of Tim’s groom buddy’s bow out of the search, due to his drinking problem leaving his equipment going spare. Frankie convinces the group she can be of help in this search for Tim and find out what happened to him.

The treck is gruelling and hard and Frankie is unprepared on so many levels but starts to see fractures and uncover secrets that could help lead to Tim’s remains. But what happens along the way and unfolds is a treck of nightmares.

One Step Too Far is a really epic read people!!!!!!!! Once I started reading I found it really hard to put down. I can honestly say I was sitting on the edge of my seat through out due to the tension and suspense of Lisa’s writing. There was a lot of plot twists that I just didn’t see coming and didn’t even come close to guessing who was/had been doing what. When I was reading it felt like I was watching a movie the description is absolutely on point in every way.

It was nice to catch up with Frankie Elkin again. I find her so intriguing in so many ways and have become quite attached to her. I find her to be a lost soul and would love for her to find her own peace and happiness.

I really can’t recommend One Step Too Far enough because I’m going to go out on a limb and say I think this book might just be my favourite out of the two books (and I gave that 5 stars). I would love to give One Step Too Far more than 5 stars because I really think it deserves it.

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One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner

5 super sparkly stars

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